Meet Our Clients

Many of our clients are like family to us. They come from all walks of life, but one day each client became aware of feng shui. We invite you to read their personal stories about how they embraced feng shui and incorporate it as a continuously positive influence in their lives. Please kindly share your experience and check back for new stories!

  • Ingez Rameau,
    Actress and Writer

    "From the moment I met Jenny, I was instantly captured by her energy, soul, and her genuine desire to help and guide... My own energy has shifted and I feel calmer and more hopeful about the future."

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  • Torsten Voges,
    Actor and Writer

    "First, I was a little skeptical... We implemented most of Jenny's suggestions and went on with our lives... It seemed as if all the stuck energy was suddenly flowing. Feng shui really does work."

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  • Inna & Irina Barsukova,
    Company Managers

    "We are big fans of Chi Art. To pray is one thing, but to actually make steps for accomplishing our dreams is the next step; both are needed. Master Liu expresses his vision with such accuracy that it covers a vast spectrum of life’s experiences and opens up new ways of perceiving the structure of the world."

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  • Jacob Reinbolt,
    Attorney at Law

    "The house design was an extremely pleasurable experience. Jenny did the initial layout based on a detailed inventory of my desires. She then worked patiently with the architect to ensure that everything was in place. Every single person that has been inside wants a house like this one!"

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