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"Eachman's liferepresents aroad towardhimself."

~Herman Hesse,
German-Swiss poet,
novelist, and painter

Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map (紫薇斗数)

The Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) is an astrological life map that guides you along your journey. Many people think of astrology as a mystical practice related to metaphysics, while few people understand the science behind astrology and that an expert ZWDS reading reveals messages from the future and the past that help you in the present. In ancient China, the ZWDS was solely used by the imperial court and forbidden to the masses. Today, it is a wonderful, precious gift passed down to you from your predecessors for your benefit. The only way to know the truth about the authenticity of the ZWDS is to experience this powerful life tool for yourself.

About the Life Map

  • In Chinese, "zi wei" (紫薇) means emperor and relates to the celestial powers, "dou" (斗) is the gathering of information, and "shu" (数) is calculation.
  • One of the highest forms of astrology, calculating the positions of over 120 stars
  • Statistical record based on your specific date, time, and location of birth
  • Accuracy of 90+% when interpreted by an expert
  • Covers 12 sectors of your life
  • Covers monthly, annual, and 10-year cycles of your life

Consider it your good karma that you were led to learn about the ZWDS and its benefits. About 99% of all people do not know what it is and that is why many people struggle in life. Currently, there are few true experts who can accurately interpret this complex astrological chart. A Life Map reading is like turning a light on in your life. You will be able to see everything much more clearly. It makes all the difference.

Share this benefit with others and let them see what a truly profound tool it is so they can benefit from it. Be the person who helps turn a friend's or relative's life around. They will be grateful for your sharing.


Life Map Consultation Fees

  • Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map $388 (90 mins)
  • Follow-up Consultation $168 (30 mins)
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