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One of the easiest ways to integrate positive universal energies into your life is to select an auspicious date for conducting important events.  Auspicious dates are times when the planets are aligned in your favor for good fortune and prosperity. They are calculated using your personal Life Map and the Chinese Almanac.

When you do this, you are making sure the planets are aligned in your favor. Auspicious dates should be calculated for the following events:

  • Birthing
  • Blessing Ceremony
  • Wedding
  • Burial
  • Grand opening
  • Contract signing
  • Travel
  • Ground breaking
  • Moving into a new home


For wedding ceremonies, we calculate auspicious dates that match both the bride and groom. Both their Life Maps are consulted to narrow down the best year and month for each person. From there, the best date(s) are calculated.

Sometimes, an auspicious date falls on a weekday, which is not necessarily suitable for a wedding ceremony. In these situations, you can arrange to sign the marriage license on the auspicious date and schedule the actual ceremony on another day.

It is a good idea to get your auspicious dates 6 - 12 months in advance of your wedding to ensure that the people and arrangements necessary for your ceremony are available on the auspicious wedding date.


An auspicious birthing date means that a child is delivered on a day, month, year, and hour that result in a beneficial Life Map. This is possible only when one desires or anticipates a C-section delivery. To determine an auspicious birth date, the Life Maps of the parents are calculated, revealing the child energy that is compatible to them, and dates that support this energy. An auspicious birth date will support the child in his/her life and make them a “lucky” child to his/her parents. The auspicious time and date range for birthing can be coordinated with the anticipated due date and the doctor's schedule.

Auspicious Dates Fees

Promoting Elements must be calculated before an auspicious date can be determined. Please note: given that this is a service, we do not offer a refund after a date has been calculated.

  • Promoting Elements Calculation $68 per person
  • Auspicious Date $68 per two-week period
  • Birthing DateFees start at $500
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