Closeup of a pink lotus flour

″Without light,there is no darkness. Without mistakes, there is no learning. Without pain, there is no plea­sure.

In order to truly understand one, you must fully appreciate the other.″

~Jenny Liu,
Feng Shui Master

The symbol of the yin yang in our koi logo represents the concept that opposites complement one another, and attaining their balance is the secret of life. Our mission is to empower you with feng shui, the art and science of living in harmony with nature.

We are located in Los Angeles, California. Please see our Contact Us page for our hours and contact information. If you are not in the Los Angeles area, we can work with you remotely.

  • Jenny Liu

    Feng Shui Master and Designer

    Jenny Liu is a fourth-generation feng shui master, designer, author and public speaker. She holds a BA in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and was awarded by the Association of American Women in Architecture for her UCLA master's thesis on feng shui and sustainability.

    With more than 20 years of experience, she is known for her seamless integration of feng shui principles into residential and commercial space designs in North America, Europe and Asia. Passionately sharing the benefits of feng shui in her consultation, design and lectures, Jenny incorporates the latest sciences of neuroplasticity and epigenetics with the ancient wisdom of natural laws.

    "From a Grand View perspective, I aim to create harmonious living environments that balance my clients’ lives and propel them towards their purpose."

    ~Jenny Liu
    Jenny Liu, Feng Shui Master
  • Julie Liu

    Feng Shui Master

    Julie Liu is a fourth-generation feng shui master and president of Liu Feng Shui, Inc. Prior to focusing on the practice and study of feng shui in 1998, she earned a BA in Mass Communications from UCLA and honed her marketing, management and media production skills at the International Channel and Disney Interactive.

    Regarded by her clients as "remarkably astute, sensitive and practical," Julie has consulted for a wide range of business owners and artists. Her mission is to guide individuals on how to invite healing, love, prosperity and positive energy into their life journeys. Julie is also devoted to teaching mantra meditation and sharing her father's Feng Shui Chi Art®.

    "Feng shui is a lifestyle of learning to appreciate the miraculous nature around and within us. Expand your consciousness and see that everything is possible and connected."

    ~Julie Liu
    Julie Liu, Feng Shui Master
  • Linda Liu

    Art Director

    Linda Liu has a BFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art. With a background in fine arts, she has transmuted her passion for charcoal sketching and oil painting to drawing with vectors and blending colors on her iMac. She has over 20 years of design experience and specializes in branding and logo design.

    Working closely with her sisters, Linda is instrumental in gathering rough conceptual ideas and developing them into polished company images. Whether for athletes or restaurant owners, her logo designs are known for weaving in the promoting energies of each client. The Liu Feng Shui website, newsletters, brochures and posts in social media have been directed and designed by her.

    "Everything in nature is functional and efficient. Nothing excessive, nothing missing. That's perfect design."

    ~Linda Liu
    Linda Liu, Artist
  • Martin Madsen

    Creative Consultant

    Martin Madsen spent 13 years as an advertising copywriter and occasional illustrator before he decided to fully devote himself to art -- expressed first through acrylic paintings, then as digital prints. His playful, abstract works have been exhibited in juried shows and galleries across his native country of Denmark. He is passionate about spirituality, simple living, veganism, and hygge.

    Liu Feng Shui looks to Martin's Scandinavian sensibilities to communicate our ideas from a more international and artistic perspective.

    "If you observe a leaf, a branch or a flower intently, you truly enter a different world. There are universes everywhere just waiting to present themselves to us."

    ~Martin Madsen
    Martin Madsen, Creative Consultant
  • Alexander Rohra

    Director of Technology

    Programming computer code since 1986, Alexander served as a software engineer at video game publisher Activision before joining Liu Feng Shui. He holds two professional certifications from UCLA. Like the famous composers Bach, Brahms and Beethoven of his native Germany, Alexander is inspired to orchestrate our websites as symphonic masterpieces. He is committed to a pursuit of quality and excellence during this chaotic Information Age.

    "We have machines for few fits most, many of the same, rapid production. It is left to us to treat the world around us with attention and care to preserve its one of a kind, organic nature."

    ~Alexander Rohra
    Alexander Rohra, Director of Technology