Meet Our Clients

Many of our clients are like family to us. They come from all walks of life, but one day each client became aware of feng shui. We invite you to read their personal stories about how they embraced feng shui and incorporate it as a continuously positive influence in their lives. Please kindly share your experience and check back for new stories!

  • Ursula Morar,

    "Since working with Jenny in 2012, her guidance has been very inspirational, helpful and rewarding. I have been living in an environment that brings me joy and happiness. My career in real estate has been going nonstop."

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  • Phyllis Chung,

    "Jenny totally won over the architect. Jenny would send her suggestions, my architect would review and incorporate into his design. The process iterates... my architect remarked that feng shui is good design!"

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  • Sky Karasik,
    Rowing Champion

    "I have been learning how to meditate and chant for the past couple years with Master Julie. She has taught me the importance of putting my heart and mind into everything that I do."

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  • Edgar & Cheryl Orlino,
    Videographer/Editor and Full-time Mother

    "By the end of the month, the house was ours - no fuss, no problems. Everything went smoothly. Jenny was right - once you find the right house, getting it is easy."

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