Inna & Irina Barsukova, Company Managers

How did you first learn about feng shui and is there a similar system of energy balancing in Russia?We first learned about feng shui back in Russia, simply came across a book which caught our attention. There are many books nowadays; information is not an issue any longer. By and by, we started practicing feng shui ourselves according to our understanding. But our awareness deepened since 2009 when we first met Master Julie Liu whom we invited for feng shui adjustment and to whom we are grateful for bringing us to the next level of awareness of this sacred science. There does not seem to be a similar science in our country. Russia is a deeply spiritual country, but use other techniques than feng shui.

What are the greatest challenges and rewards of doing your annual adjustment?We are doing the adjustment every year and are absolutely in love with the whole process. First of all, it is a creative task. And second, we just love our living space and organizing it in even greater harmony is such a blessing.

What do you think of Master Liu's Chi Art? Do you have any favorite paintings or symbols?We are big fans of Master Liu’s Chi Art. Holy Energy understands and picks up our prayers faster if we express and show it in symbols. To pray is one thing but to express it and actually make steps for accomplishing our dreams and desires is the next step; both are needed. Master Liu expresses his vision with such accuracy that it covers a vast spectrum of life’s experiences and opens up new ways of seeing and perceiving the structure of the world. Irina's favorite Chi Arts are: "Longevity Empress Reaches Goals", "The Sacred Bamboo Forest", "Divine Lovers" and "Rolling Coins". Inna’s favorites are "Divine Lovers", "Longevity Empress" and "Rolling Coins". We are now getting the "Peacock Spirit" Chi Art and have a feeling that we will be in love with it, too.

Can you please describe your meditation practice and how has it changed your life?Meditation is a part of our daily practice for about 10 years now. By interacting in everyday life we tend to scatter energy. By practicing meditation techniques, we regain the energy back - balancing our life force, which gives us the ability to stay healthy, focused, open and receptive in all situations. Chi Art meditation helps to direct the energy to the task and purpose that are needed to be accomplished; and assists in getting a clearer vision of the path that needs to be taken. In other words, it helps in opening up divine guidance.

You have a young daughter - how does feng shui influence her? How does she react to the environmental changes?My daughter is very sensitive to different environments and energies; all kids her age are sensitive to it. This year, I think we have the best feng shui in her bedroom so far and she loves it, too. Normally, she prefers to play in another room, but since we have done readjustment this year, I see her spending time and playing in her bedroom more often.

Having been a model, what are some of your beauty secrets?Everything has to be in moderation and perfect balance in life: love is number one, then eat, sleep, pray, play and work. Listening to your physical body is the key. It has its wisdom and knows perfectly what is needed for each moment to support the harmony of being. Just learn to listen to definite leads and divine guidance and being healthy, beautiful, happy, and holy will become a natural state.

As a spiritual teacher and healer, what do you think this world needs right now?All we need is love! As always. But remembering the powers with which every human being was blessed at the beginning of creation would be of great importance. And the main power is being a co-Creator. If many people would have deep awareness of it and use it constructively and with purity of intentions – many problems would be solved, healed and transformed under the Grace.

Do you have a special message for our readers?First of all, our deepest gratitude to Master Julie Liu and Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu for bringing our feng shui to the next level of excellence. And to all the readers - to be blessed with the ability to tap into the laws of nature and thus, to utilize the sacred science of feng shui for enhancing the life experience for their own and the highest good of all.

"Everything has to be in moderation and perfect balance in life: love is number one, then eat, sleep, pray, play and work."

~Inna & Irina Barsukova, Company Managers