Jacob Reinbolt, Attorney at Law

Jacob Reinbolt is an attorney in the San Diego-based law firm, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP. He is the head of their Intellectual Property Team. Jake's practice emphasizes computer law, intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and patents), Internet law, securities law, franchising, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and licensing. He has particular ability in the needs of software, technology, and emerging and rapidly growing companies. Jake was selected as one of the top four intellectual property attorneys in San Diego by San Diego Magazine.

What do you enjoy the most about being a lawyer?There are several things I enjoy: (i) the ability to be my own boss - essentially being able to come and go as I please throughout the day (e.g. to get my workouts in, or to run errands if necessary); (ii) the constant stream of new matters that I get to work on, which prevents boredom; (iii) the opportunity to continually solve problems and bring matters to a successful conclusion; (iv) outwitting my adversaries - it's like playing a high stakes game in many cases; and (v) the opportunity to talk so much during the day! To be an effective attorney one must be able to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing. I am a very communicative person.

You are currently writing a book. Can you please tell us about it?It's a book about "How to be Happy." In a nutshell, it is a westernized application of Taoist principles to everyday activities. The concept for the book grew out of my dismay with most people's almost excessive concern with their external appearance (through make-up, clothes/fashion, dyed hair, etc.). My premise is that if you wear a mask of any type you are seeking the approval of others, and as a result you have placed your happiness in their hands (i.e. if they are pleased with you, you will be happy, and vice versa). From there the book grew into an all-encompassing approach to life that has worked extremely well for me. The seven chapters are entitled: Don't Wear Masks of Any Type; Physical Fitness: Exercise Daily With Intensity, and Eat Impeccably; Finances: Live Extremely Far Below Your Means; Work: Recognize Its Value and Do It With Intensity; Enjoy Nature Often; Solitude and Quiet; and, Be Simple.

Which is your favorite Mantrawear by Grand Master Liu?One of the newest ones I just received - it is comprised of beautiful mantra charms in white, gold and yellow paint on a gold T-Shirt. People who have no idea what it is are continually awestruck by it. I'm also very partial to the special Chi Art/Mantrawear combination that Master Liu did for me on my Ironman race suit. It is gorgeous beyond belief.

How has his Chi Art paintings helped you? You only collect original paintings. Why not purchase Chi Art prints?The Chi Art paintings have provided protection, prosperity, insight, wealth, positive relationships, leadership opportunities, fame, peace of mind, and a continuing awareness of what life is really about. In addition to the numerous mantras contained in the paintings, which provide incredible power and support, the paintings are just very beautiful.

Originals of course have exponentially more power than the prints, just as one would rather have an original Monet rather than a print. Having an original nearby is like having Master Liu nearby, including all of his powerful and positive energy. And, while I don't ever see myself selling them, they will only continue to increase in value due to their effectiveness and their uniqueness. I do own several prints, and will probably acquire more, but to the extent I can obtain originals I will do so.

How was the experience of having Jenny custom-design your new home completely according to feng shui? Why did you decide to do this?The house design was an extremely pleasurable experience. Jenny did the initial layout based on a detailed inventory of my desires (a large library, 3 outdoor decks, a steam room, a meditation and massage room, and yards that will allow for gorgeous gardens). She then worked patiently with the architect to ensure that everything was where it needed to be. Additional work was required to design the yards, which has come out even better than I had hoped. The design of the backyard terraces has caused numerous oohs and ahs from observers already and there aren't even any plantings in yet! Then, color options were provided. People driving by continue to slow down and look at the house, and people walking by who I don't even know continue to comment on how nice the house looks. Every single person that has been inside has gushed like a schoolgirl about how they want a house like this one! (I am not exaggerating).

I decided to do a house from the ground up simply because feng shui, and Jenny in particular, have been so good to me that I could only imagine how much better things would become were I in a well designed house. My prior house had numerous feng shui defects that Jenny effectively remedied, but I wanted a house that needed no "remedying" other than that required due to the annual flying star changes. I had looked for many years to try to find a house that was compatible with me, but I discovered that no house was going to match me perfectly without some changes, so why not make one perfectly for me?

You recently competed in an Ironman competition. What was training like and what did you learn from it?Training was quite fun, except for the very long days near the end (5.5 hour bike rides, followed by 2.5 hour runs), and trying to squeeze in 3-4 hour bike rides on Wednesdays while still working a full day. Strangely enough though, the work still got done, even though there was less time to do it. I think I learned (I'm still pondering precisely what I learned!) that preparation is the key to everything we do in life, and that how you prepare determines what you will reap. For example, if you don't meditate sufficiently, you won't receive its full benefits. If you don't eat well all the time, you won't age gracefully and slowly. While I trained sufficiently, I don't think I had the right "approach" during many of my training sessions to allow me to achieve the result I had hoped. It was a humbling experience. I also learned that, frankly, the amount of time I put into training could probably have been better directed to other activities that will further my life's mission.

What is your life's mission?Currently, I think my life's mission is to try to become more aware of the other energies, influences, and dimensions that surround us. String theory (the theory that has so far been the only theory that has successfully integrated relativity and quantum mechanics), indicates that there are likely 11 dimensions, and not the mere 4 that humans experience physically. Grand Master Liu and Master Jenny Liu have obviously tapped into those other dimensions and energies. I am compelled to try to do the same. I also feel a very strong urge to try to help others learn as much as they can while on this earth. Thus, it may be that my mission is to be a teacher of spiritual matters. But first, I think I need to become a little more enlightened myself, and therefore I'm extremely grateful to have such preeminent masters as Chi-Jen Liu and Jenny Liu (and, of course, Julie Liu also) to learn from.

"I also feel a very strong urge to try to help others learn as much as they can while on this earth."

~Jacob Reinbolt, Attorney at Law