Eddie Kantayos, Restaurant Owner

Can you tell us a little about yourself?I was a lawyer and my wife worked in the DSI police force in Thailand. Seven years ago, my father-in-law bought Hungry Fox from his friend. My wife and I relocated from Thailand to run this business. We have never done the restaurant business before. It was very difficult in the beginning with many problems. It was a challenging transition for me due to language barriers and working with the existing staff. We wanted to stop and go back to Thailand, but my wife got pregnant. We had to keep going to stay here. It was a tough time, we kept trying to improve things year after year. But, there was no profit. We lost a lot of money year after year. We were able to keep going because we had our parents' support in Thailand. It was like this for 4-5 years.

How did you find out about feng shui?One day, one of my customers, Alex, who was also your client, talked about feng shui and referred me to you. He told me about how feng shui helped him. I had already spent so much on this restaurant. I wanted to try feng shui and made an appointment with you.

How has the feng shui adjustments worked for you?I remember clearly, you came on a Thursday. I can't believe it, we made some changes you suggested. The first adjustments were to rotate the register to match us and place coins under the door mat at the front door. The next day, Friday, our sales doubled. I tried to do everything you suggested. Ever since we've made the feng shui adjustments, our business profit increase 30-40% for the year. Oh! (laughs) I mean, this was right! We did something that worked. We can stay here! Everything improved for health, for life, for business, and everything felt good. Happiness depends so much on business. When you have money, you are freed from the heaviness of worry and you can do everything. Right now, I feel like I have health, I am energized. I can do everything.

Do you know the history of the restaurant?Our waitress, Suzie has been here since the restaurant started many years ago. She says that the before us, this restaurant had changed owners every 2-3 years. We have lasted the longest here.

What did you think of the feng shui consultation?I felt that some things were hard to find. It was hard because you have to run the business and still make the changes. We had to prioritize the long list you gave us to do. My promoting element was wood. The existing colors of the restaurant did not match me. Changing the color and adding the plants really made the restaurant fresh. It inspired me and it gave me more ideas. I am motivated with effective ways to keep improving the business. The employees and the customers enjoy it too. To make the restaurant concept stronger, we emphasized the slogan my wife came up with 'Happiness you can eat' and made a new menu.

What is most important for a restaurant to have?First, it is the food, second is service and third, the environment. How the restaurant is managed is also important. The prior owner taught me how to cook, how to run the restaurant business. Oh...it is a lot of work to learn. The feng shui adjustments has helped me get better concepts for managing my restaurant.

What do you recommend on your menu?Our chicken waffle is very popular. We changed it up and improved how it is served. I personally taste the food and only serve what impresses me. Young coconut juice is new to our menu, no diner has this! It is healthy for you, too! I also introduced the Thai sausage which is from Northern Thailand. There are special herbs like lemongrass in it. It's super tasty and not greasy. Homemade desserts are also a new menu item.

I've tried your banana cream pie. I've never seen such generous slices of banana! The oreo crust and chocolate dusted whipped cream on top is heavenly! What do you say in Thailand when something is really good?Aroy!

What would you like to share with our readers?If you want to change your life, do feng shui, go to Jenny! This is true. And do it like me, not just thinking about it, you must DO IT. We got the changes fast. If you want fast change, do it fast, if you want to change later, well, you do it later (laughs).

Thank you Eddie for sharing! You did your feng shui right and right away and it made all the difference!

"Happiness depends so much on business. When you have money, you are freed from the heaviness of worry and you can do everything."

~Eddie Kantayos, Restaurant Owner