Stacy Hampton, Physician Assistant

Stacy Hampton is a Physician Assistant student who is graduating from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon this September. Prior to returning to graduate school, she worked as a pharmacist and specialized in geriatrics.

You order your Mantra Charms every year. How have they helped you? Can you please describe your meditation practice?The Mantra Charms have helped immensely and are indispensable. I have traveled extensively this year for school and meditation, in various forms, has been one of the constants. I would not travel without them.

When I am home, I trace the mantra charms and practice the mantras in the morning and/or evening depending on my schedule. This is more effective for me; it is very relaxing and ultimately helps me to focus on my daily tasks. When I travel, I spend more time looking at the Chi Art books and practice the mantras for a few minutes more often throughout the day (upon waking, lunch time, before dinner, and at bedtime).

Which is your favorite Chi Art and why?I adore each one and try to notice a new feature about each one every day. Healing Dragon and Chi-Ling and the Chi Art books are probably my favorites; they have traveled with me to most locales this year. I find them very calming, soothing, and familiar.

Can you please tell us about the feng shui house which Jenny designed for you?It is awesome and reminds me of a custom-made dress. Having needed to look at several "houses off the rack," the design really doesn't compare. It has a meditation room in the center, entrances in appropriate directions, a fabulous floor plan, and is very balanced. All the rooms are in ideal areas, the colors are optimal, the windows are symmetrical, the plants are complementary, all the sectors are present, and there are many small design nuances Jenny incorporated.

What are some of the best and worst aspects of living in Oregon?Oregon is very pretty and there are many undiscovered areas. I have an affinity for dry, sunny, and warm climates so the winter weather is a challenge for me. It is a great place though.

Why did you decide to change from a pharmacist to a physician assistant? Was the birth chart analysis able to help you with your career decisions?I worked with several physicians early in my pharmacy career and watched many of my friends from college as they became physicians. I wanted to do many of the things I was trained for in my pharmacy residency and work to include other health care professionals who contribute insight on patient care. The birth chart was very helpful in choosing which path I should take.

What are your views on the American health care system?I trained in allopathic medicine; my pharmacy background is in internal medicine primarily working with people who are over age 65 and my physician assistant education focused on family medicine. However, I am a fan of integrative medicine. Most insurance companies primarily reimburse for allopathic medicine after illness is present. My wish for the American health care system is a greater focus on wellness and the ability to integrate non-allopathic medicine.

Different forms of medicine remind me of utensils. You can choose various utensils for a particular task (i.e. a spoon, fork, chopsticks, your fingers). Each one usually accomplishes the task, some work better than others, and the particular operator's skill for using that utensil is important. Sometimes it is better to use one utensil whereas other times it is more useful to use a collection. And other times it may be best to skip the utensils completely.

Do you have a message for our readers?Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, meditate, and exercise. The effects of each of these are more amazing than the most elegantly designed medication regimens. Be open to learning about different forms of medicine.

"My wish for the American health care system is a greater focus on wellness and the ability to integrate non-allopathic medicine."

~Stacy Hampton, Physician Assistant