Photographer, Charles Ng with Feng Shui Master, Jenny Liu

A positive image gives your business a competitive edge, so renewing your image every year with professional photos on your website and literature is a key feng shui adjustment that boosts your company's bottom line. I had the pleasure of working with award-winning photographer, Charles Ng, to refresh our company photos. Charles' approach to photography is poetic as he captures "time on film," which he aptly named his company. In exchange, I updated Charles’ studio with feng shui. An interview with Charles follows.

How did you find out about feng shui?I read your column in the Asian Journal for years! I can't believe you're in my studio!

Why did you have feng shui done?I moved into a smaller studio space. There were some challenges in the new space and I wanted to make sure my feng shui was good during the transition.

How do you like your new space after the feng shui?Despite the space being less than half the size of my old studio with a light post and tall building facing my front door, your feng shui design and adjustments fit all my needs and business has been good!

What is the trend for business portraits?Overall, the latest style is casually elegant and approachable. It is important to me to capture the spirit of my client at work.

A lot of people are camera shy. How do you get your clients to look so naturally poised?

Everyone has unique attributes, so I start by analyzing the client's physical features from different angles. By strategically manipulating light and making subtle shifts to their face and body, I bring out their natural beauty. I aim to get to the heart of my clients. I want to give people the unexpected and show them something they haven’t seen.

What is your specialty?Fine portraiture and event photography like weddings are my specialty. And based on my birth chart, boudoir photography is a good artistic avenue for me and it has become a specialty. I refrain from using props during the sessions. My goal is to let my client's personality, beauty, and love speak through their body language. My signature style is refining "digital painting" to create fine art photography. I challenge myself to create the extraordinary.

What do you enjoy most about your work?It is rewarding when my clients discover something new about themselves through the photography sessions and feel more confident than when they first came in.

"I want to give people the unexpected and show them something they haven’t seen."

~Charles Ng, Photographer