Solania Serrano with Feng Shui Masters, Jenny & Julie Liu

One of our clients, Solania Serrano, shares the inspiration and feng shui experience that led to opening her healing practice, "Solania's Art of Healing."

Can you tell us about your company name and logo, "Solania's Art of Healing"? My name is Solania, which means "rays of the sun." I have been practicing bodywork and energy healing for about 20 years. It is my passion to explore different healing methods so I have a wide repertoire of therapies to suit my clients' various situations. "Art of Healing" came about as I integrated reflexology, lymphatic drainage, yoga, sound, and thermal therapy into my signature treatments. My logo designed by the Liu Masters includes a shining lotus, heart chakra symbol, and healing hands to represent sanctuary and longevity. It also incorporates the numerology, shapes, and colors associated with my promoting elements of fire and earth.

Why was creating a healing sanctuary important to you? My intention is to bring out the natural healing in my clients. I believe that the environment plays an important role in this process, so my sanctuary is peaceful and nurturing.

Growing up, I had a spotted skin condition called vitiligo. People made fun of me because I looked different. I had seen many doctors, but the one who finally healed me prescribed a cream and said, "It's not up to me, it's up to God," and raised his hands to Heaven. That filled my spirit! Sometimes in life, we have to surrender. I came home, put on the cream and prayed, "Dear God, if anyone knows what I have been through, it is you. I would just like to know how it feels to walk into a room and not be stared at. Do you think you can do that for me? Please." In one week, that area turned white. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move a mountain.

How did you meet the Liu Masters? I met Julie Liu in 2005 when I took a leap of faith and left the security of a 12-year Medical Assistant position and part-time massage therapy jobs to start my own practice. She did the feng shui of my space and told me in the second year I would see big changes. In 2007, I did indeed move to a better location in Arcadia.

When I met Julie’s father, Grand Master Liu to do my full personal reading, he looked at my Life Map and asked to see my hands and said, "You are doing what you are meant to do. Don't fear, just keep going." Anytime I fear, I remember those words. I have his "Dreams Come True" Chi Art at work. I have also collected and placed Chi Art in every room of my home.

How did you come to find your current business space? It was a long journey. I had Jenny Liu check the feng shui at eight locations before finding the right one. This ninth location that Jenny checked is in San Gabriel. My promoting element numbers are 8 and 9, and this location faces South, which is associated to 9. The address is 205 Unit #2 which adds up to 9. It's a dream come true - everything I asked for! When they opened that door for me to preview the space, my spirit was dancing!

Jenny designed the space to include a generous therapy room made of shoji screens, a serene yoga space, recovery lounge, and reception area. It is as much a sanctuary for me to be at my best, as it is a healing retreat for my clients. Jenny also performed a beautiful blessing ceremony for the Grand Opening. The Liu Masters helped guide my journey to a dream come true!

"'You are doing what you are meant to do. Don't fear, just keep going.' Anytime I fear, I remember those words."

~Solania Serrano, Healer