Jenny Liu and Ursula Morar

“The greatest reward of my career is being able to see my clients blossom to their full potential. Ursula Morar is one of these success stories. Despite the odds against her when she first came to see me, she overcame many challenges and found her true calling. By embracing the power of the universe through a Life Map reading, feng shui and her own positivity, she created a prosperous and happy life. As a young 30-something, she has achieved so much in a very short period of time. I am so proud of her and hope her resilience inspires us all.”

~Master Jenny Liu

Can you share a little about what was going on in your life when you decided to call upon Jenny for her services?I felt my life was not going in the direction that I wanted it to be going in. I had come to the United States hoping to have a better life. I met a wonderful man who became my husband. However, no matter how passionately and tirelessly he worked in his restaurant business, it was difficult to watch him struggle. I also felt challenged in my job as well. I was expressing my frustrations with a friend who had been Jenny’s client for several years. She was telling me how things improved after having her feng shui done. After hearing about my friend’s positive life changes, I contacted Jenny.

What happened during the course of the feng shui consult?We did the feng shui for my husband’s restaurant and our apartment. It was hard to hear when Jenny explained how the feng shui of both places were not compatible to us. Yet, all the problems she said we would face by staying in these places were on point and true. Because we could not just end the lease for my husband’s business, we had to make feng shui adjustments. Aside from being incompatible to us, the restaurant was an old building that had a heavy and dark energy from its past. When things did not improve, upon Jenny’s repeated recommendations to leave, we finally sold the business. As soon as we did, things started to lift up for us.Ursula Morar in her Home Office

Upon Jenny’s suggestion we were able to move into a new apartment. This time, we made sure to have her come and check the feng shui. After seeing that the front door, our bedroom, and my office were in compatible directions, we happily moved in. Since moving in and making the feng shui adjustments, my life has taken a positive direction and I now know that my next step is my dream home.

What is your favorite feng shui adjustment?My favorite room is my home office. I have Chi-Jen Liu’s painting “Multi-Dimensional Spiral of Fortune” in it. Everytime I see it, it brings me positive thoughts and peacefulness.

In terms of the Life Map reading, what was the most helpful guidance you received?Jenny did my Life Map and led me to my current career in real estate, which I am now very passionate about and have done quite well in my first year. My husband and I also run a valet business stemming from our prior restaurant. We are now focusing on expanding and developing Elite Car Valet.Ursula Morar's Realtor Business CardUrsula Morar's Valet Business Card

Can you share what you liked about getting a custom business card made and how it has helped you?Jenny and Linda, her sister and graphic designer, created both my real estate and Elite Car Valet business card designs that have proven to set me apart from other business cards in my field. For my real estate card, they made suggestions on the colors I should wear and integrated my promoting elements elegantly into the design while keeping a very polished and professional image for me. Many people tell me the card has a wonderful energy! For our Elite Car Valet business, I wanted a luxurious and classic image for our valet company. I am very pleased with the logo Linda designed. It has a perfect blend of my promoting elements and the concept of my business. I was able to get the card printed with gold foil and I love how it turned out! It definitely sets a lasting first impression.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?Since working with Jenny in 2012, her guidance has been very inspirational, helpful and rewarding. I have been living in an environment that brings me joy and happiness. My career in real estate has been going nonstop. I have closed more escrows in this business than any other realtor I am aware of in their first year. I update my feng shui in my house on a yearly basis and my life has been moving forward in a strong positive direction. The enlightenment and knowledge that Jenny has given me is priceless and I would recommend this for everyone.

"I update the feng shui in my house on a yearly basis and my life has been moving forward in a strong positive direction. The enlightenment and knowledge that Jenny has given me is priceless and I would recommend this for everyone."

~Ursula Morar, Realtor