Alma V. Marquez

How did you get started with Feng Shui?My Feng Shui journey has been a deeply gratifying and wisdom-building experience. It has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I’ve been practicing Feng Shui for 15 years under the beautiful counsel of Grand Master Liu and Master Julie Liu.

I first learned about the concept of Feng Shui 25 years ago but never understood all of the dimensions. I read as many books as I could find. At that time, there were very few books in English and so my opportunities for learning were also limited. I felt that the concepts were somewhat superficial – use this color for wealth, that color for happiness. It wasn’t specific or personalized.

I wanted in-depth knowledge. I wanted knowledge that included all of the things that influenced my life, my being, my journey. I knew that astrology was an important resource for understanding oneself; I loved reading my astrological horoscope monthly and found lots of interesting tidbits. So, as I learned about Feng Shui, I knew that it had the potential to help me grow, learn and help me tap into my God-given potential and talents. For me, finding the right advisors was everything. I actually remember praying for the right teachers. When I finally met Grand Master Liu and Master Julie Liu, I knew intuitively my prayers were answered.

I wanted to find personalized guidance. The kind of guidance that helped me understand myself in the context of the world, the universe. I never imagined that the kind of guidance Liu Feng Shui would provide me would create the kind of beautiful and fulfilled life that I lead.

Liu Feng Shui has without one doubt been incredibly instrumental in my personal and professional successes.

When Master Julie Liu came to Feng Shui my home in 2004, she explored the house to see how compatible it was for me. I remember she asked me if I felt that I was sacrificing a lot. I immediately started crying because personal sacrifice was something I felt a lot of in my personal and professional life. She walked through the house and pointed out all of the symbols of sacrifice that were in my home, many of them amplified over and over, it was no surprise that I was feeling that way in all aspects of my life especially in my career where there were few boundaries and I was working nonstop and in my life as a single mother where I was left to raise my daughter, essentially, alone. I quickly removed all of those symbols from the walls, my bedroom, my living room, my kitchen and I remember, soon after, feeling less burdened by sacrifices than I had been for years.

She also confirmed for me what I felt intuitively. The house I lived in was not compatible for me or my growth. But as a single mother on a limited income and with housing prices through the roof, I was unable to move homes for a while.

When I finally was able to move, Master Liu was part of my decision making and she helped me make my current home, the home of my dreams, sitting atop a beautiful hill in a community I only dreamed of living in as an 18-year-old college student.

What is your annual Feng Shui adjustment process?The annual adjustment process is very much an integral part of my life. I schedule adjustments for my business, my home, myself, my daughter and business staff. Having information about the annual energies is power. Our business is our livelihood and its success is critical for my family and many other families benefit from our success and depend on the income we generate. The information helps guide our business plans and provides me with incredible insight into how to best strategize for growth and opportunities.

Every year, before the lunar year, I schedule our appointments. I always look forward to this time of the year because it helps build our yearly strategy and assess what happened the previous year. I learn about the annual energy, the astrological impacts and our promoting elements. I look forward to learning about the sectors and their impact on the business and lives.

The adjustment plans offer an opportunity to clear out old energy and welcome promoting elements which give us an opportunity to redecorate! Our offices always feel so much better! The energy flows. Our place of business promotes abundance, comfort and efficiency. Our most beautiful compliments come from our clients who rave about how lovely our offices are and how wonderful they feel in them. Sometimes, they want to just come and work from our space because the energy feels so great.

For me, Feng Shui is a combination of a spiritual practice and a practical business resource as they go hand-in-hand for my businesses.

I’m excited about 2020! I look forward to continuing to expand our businesses, launching new projects and having lots of fun with the people who most matter to me.

How have you used Feng Shui, Life Map and Mantra Charms to support your daughter as she developed into a young adult?One of the most magical parts of practicing Feng Shui and learning its power is my commitment to sharing it with the people I love. And there is no one who I am more invested in or love more than my daughter, Miquitzli. Once I began to understand the power of Feng Shui after my first consultation, I made sure to have my daughter’s Life Map done. She was in kindergarten! I wanted to know how I could help guide her in her life journey and I also wanted to protect her as much as I could.

She was five and could barely reach Grand Master Liu’s desk. Her little feet hung over her chair but weren’t long enough to touch the floor. She sat there engaged and listened so intently. I remember how interested she was – her eyes lit up as Grand Master Liu looked at both of our maps and pointed out beautiful messages for our relationship together and her journey. To this day, I feel emotional when I think back to that day. She was an immediate and serious student, too. She had so many questions and there was so much utter JOY in her innocence that I often remember that when things are hard for me or my business. The hope that she emanated as a little girl continues to inspire me to work hard and leave her the legacy that she deserves.Alma V. Marquez and Miquitzli Herrera

Having the information that her own Life Map provided has been one of the greatest gifts I could have given her… and me. I’ve used the information that I gathered from that initial consultation and information from every annual adjustment to help me, help her. Energies that surrounded her birth were different from mine and so I have learned how to understand her better, inspire her and let her be. The wisdom that I have gathered has taught me to be a good mother to her, help meet her needs and understand that her journey is hers, not mine. It is hers to control. Not mine. As her mother, I want to make sure that she makes the right decisions and my instincts are to tell her what to do. During specific years, I’ve used the mantra charms to help deepen my practice. But this practice has taught me the power of allowing her to make her choices and the discipline to engage her in ways that are going to strengthen her, without controlling her or the situation. Feng Shui has taught me to respect her more and truly understand that it is her journey.

Every year, she gets her adjustment. Before she became an adult, I would book our appointments together. I remember when she scheduled her own appointment for the first time, I knew it was a defining moment in her life. Liu Feng Shui is integrated in her life and helps guide her life, too! It is something that she values too! We compare notes about her role in the business, her areas of expansion and growth. It’s amazing to see her go from being a little girl in this practice to a confident and buoyant young woman. The biggest gift I have given her was the opportunity to master herself and Liu Feng Shui has been critically important in that life lesson.

"The adjustment plans offer an opportunity to clear out old energy and welcome promoting elements which give us an opportunity to redecorate! Our offices always feel so much better! The energy flows."

~Alma V. Marquez, Educational Leader and Political Strategist