Extract from Chi Art Painting "Romantic Lotus" by Chi-Jen Liu

"Through Chi Art,I try to encourage the world to be peaceful, happy and en­ligh­tened. Understanding art guides humans to be moral and loving."

~Chi-Jen Liu,
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Video Transcript

Chi-Jen Liu fearlessly breaks the boundaries of traditional Chinese art, yet his artistic expressions trace back to his experience as a Grand Master of feng shui.

For decades, Chi-Jen Liu has been cultivating a life based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, which includes inner contemplation and a mystical union with nature. His knowledge comes from a spiritual practice of mantra charms.

Most Chinese paintings are created using water and ink on paper, but Chi-Jen Liu experiments with a wide range of mediums. Acrylic paint, markers, pens, even glitter and rubber stamps enhance colorful imagery, but his use of modern techniques is tempered with the traditional Chinese calligraphy brush.

Scenarios of ocean life and mountainous landscapes communicate one of Chi-Jen Liu’s favorite themes: wisdom descending from higher dimensions. Nature is intelligent and beneficent. The laws that govern our universe are designed to create prosperity and health. Chi-Jen Liu's art is a modern day tribute to the venerable sages who developed Taoism. A respected teacher of ancient Chinese philosophies, he is passionate about deepening our awareness and appreciation of life.

Chi-Jen Liu's paintings are windows into his thoughts and concepts. He invites us to explore this inner universe, and see the world as he does. Like a child narrating a vivid dream, details are meticulously described, plants and animals are used as metaphors, and it is possible to travel to distant realms. His stories are set in the royal palaces of past dynasties and cities of the future.  Words are transformed into dancing figures and messages come in the form of poetry. This art of energy harnesses universal life force, activating healing and transformation in the viewer.

Chi-Jen Liu’s calligraphy begins in deep meditation, cultivating the spiritual energy that drives his brush. His characters are robust, undulating with intent, revealing his power as a Grand Master. The fine balance between reverence for tradition and personal artistic vision is one of the aspects that make Chi-Jen Liu's paintings so remarkable.

This is art from the heart and mind of a feng shui master. Art that reveals the forces of life and stimulates appreciation for nature. Art that releases the secret energy of symbols and words. This is… Feng Shui Chi Art.

Chi Art Book

Feng Shui Chi Art Book CoverDescription: This full-color book includes a collection of Feng Shui Chi Art paintings. Grand Master Liu combines feng shui knowledge, self-cultivation, humanity, and cultural understanding into a psychic and spiritual message filled with symbols, secret codes, charm diagrams and Chinese calligraphy. His Chi Art paintings multiply positive thinking, positive intuition, positive actions and positive relationships. The more we focus on abiding by natural laws and respecting global resources and environment for creating a high quality of life, the more we create positive karma for all human individuals. We can develop our subconscious powers in many ways with Chi Art.

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