Extract from chi art painting, "Ten Fish" by Chi-Jen Liu

"I hopeyou will find a feeling of universal peace and increased self-awareness in seeing this paintings."

~Chi-Jen Liu,
Artist and Founder of Grand View Feng Shui

Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu is a retired, internationally renowned third-generation feng shui master. A Taiwanese native, he immigrated to the United States in 1976. His knowledge is a combination of ancestral wisdom, a Medicine degree from the National Taiwan University, and over 50 years of research, teaching, and consulting.

Master Chi-Jen Liu Working in His StudioIn the course of his career, Grand Master Liu reunited the various schools of feng shui and Chinese astrology to develop the "Liu Feng Shui Grand View®" approach, a system consisting of 130 factors of energy that influence an individual's life.

Many consider Chi-Jen Liu a personal guardian who awakens their minds through a greater awareness of life. He is gifted in Taoist mantra charms and Chinese calligraphy.

An artist at heart, Grand Master Liu creates vibrant and symbolic Feng Shui Chi Art® paintings which grace many homes and businesses, bringing his patrons protection, prosperity, harmony and health. Collectors say that they experienced remarkable positive effects in their lives after their commissioned paintings were created. Feng Shui Chi Art® has been featured three years in a row in the Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Calendar.

Passionate about community, Grand Master Liu has held leadership positions in many Chinese American organizations.

Authentication by Artist with Signature Chops

Wood Block Seal in Artist's HandSeries of Wood Block Seals on Art Work

Chi-Jen Liu authenticates his original Chi Art paintings with a collection of personal artist seals made of stone, wood, and ivory, stamped in red cinnabar paste. The carved Chinese characters denote his name, his art concept, and the names of the Buddhist and Taoist deities used to empower the paintings.