Extract from chi art painting, "Water Wealth Cave" by Chi-Jen Liu

"We each have a unique purpose and thus, a unique perception of the universe."

~Chi-Jen Liu,
Artist and Founder of Grand View Feng Shui

3 Reasons to Collect Chi Art Now

1. Chi Art makes you happy by bringing many positive things into your life.

Extract from chi art painting "Smiling Bona Dea" by Chi-Jen LiuThe motivation for acquiring Chi Art and building a collection is a combination of intellectual and spiritual development, love of beauty, attraction to positive symbols, investment potential, elevated social status, personal healing and transformation, and a desire to become a patron of the artist and Grand Master, Chi-Jen Liu.

Patronage is its own reward: the true collector supports artistic production, develops a meaningful and personal group of works, and thus becomes engaged in the conversation of art history. Each artwork has purpose and meaning, and each acquisition tells the story of the collector’s evolving tastes and ideas. By supporting a good cause, you are creating positive karma, which makes everyone happy.

"Chi Art is a powerful symbol of our dreams. It serves as an expression of your individual enjoyment, appreciation and knowledge. As you collect more Chi Art, the reasons why you collect become more conscious and purposeful."

~Julie Liu, Feng Shui Master

Purposeful Buying:

* What makes a great collector great is his or her ability to separate out specific works of art from the millions of pieces already in existence and assemble them in such a way as to increase or advance our understanding of that art in particular or of the evolution of art in general. In any mature collection, the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts, the collector comes to be accepted as a respected authority and in exceptional cases, goes on to set the standards, determine the trends and influence the future of collecting for everyone. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Why do I like the kinds of art that I'm buying?
  • What about it satisfies me?
  • Does it take me to a special place?
  • Does it make me feel a certain way?
  • Do I admire its technical aspects the most?
  • Does it make me see life differently?
  • Do I like the subject matters, what they represent, the colors, the historical aspects, the lives of the artists?

* = Source: ArtBusiness.com - "How to Collect Art Like a Pro - Building a Collection"

2. Collecting Chi Art makes you rich without creating stress.

Extract from chi art painting "Buddha with Fish" by Chi-Jen LiuSome investments, though lucrative, create stress. For example, real estate comes with property management, property taxes, and potential lawsuits. Stocks are volatile, risky, and can create negative karma. Other types of investments, like luxury vehicles and fashion, require maintenance and eventually depreciate. Original art has an inherent value of being one-of-a-kind and is thus an outstanding investment. As such, it maintains and appreciates in value better than real estate and stocks. In the end, collecting Chi Art is a stress-free investment.

Asian Art, especially Chinese Contemporary Painting, is the fastest growing art sector with record sales being broken at most Sotheby’s art auctions. From their October 2013 auction report: "Record-breaking results propelled Sotheby's five-day series of sales in Hong Kong celebrating the auction house's 40 years in Asia to new heights. The highest-ever-earning sales series by a global arts business in Asia, the auctions achieved more than HKD4.1 billion / USD525 million and set countless records. The sales saw a high level of international and Chinese interest, with property coming from 44 countries, bidders hailing from 41 nations and new clients from mainland China growing by 22 percent."

3. Collecting Chi Art connects you to a greater universal force and global family.

Extract from chi art painting "Secret Code of Galaxies" by Chi-Jen Liu* Important collectors through the ages have shaped art history in both overt and subtle ways.

For many, collecting art is an almost quasi-religious mission. In the 1920s Peggy Guggenheim used her inheritance to support the Parisian avant-garde, acquiring the work of Picasso, Dali and Chagall, among others. In the 1950s she was instrumental in the career of Jackson Pollock and other Abstract Expressionists. Her private collection is now the most important museum in Italy for European and American art of the first half of the 20th century.

* = Source: Sima Familant: Private Curator & Art Advisor - "Why Collect?"

"Collecting art is more than just acquiring pretty things: it is a yearning to support the arts, to be a part of art history, to tell a story and create a unique grouping of works that reflects one’s taste, a specific historical period and ideas."

~Sima Familant, Private Curator & Art Advisor

Art and culture relate to spirituality and religion. Chi Art helps you evolve because it represents high morals, culture, and quality of life. Paintings are a permanent heirloom that you can always enjoy and see.

Extract from chi art painting "Alien and Sun Protection" by Chi-Jen LiuChi Art is extraordinary because it is not simply traditional Chinese art, where the students copy the teacher and paint only common scenes like landscapes, tigers, or dragons. Chi-Jen Liu adds UFOs, secret codes, and constellations and blends Western art materials and techniques with Chinese traditional painting to promote powerful spiritual transformation. Chi Art is painted with the intention to guide towards enlightenment, greater awareness of life, self-contentment, and confidence.

Everyone has obstacles and tragedy in our lives. We can develop a subconscious power to overcome negative and create positive energy through specific stimulus. Our perception is our reality.

Extract from chi art painting "Obama" by Chi-Jen LiuAs a native Taiwanese Feng Shui Grand Master who immigrated to America in the 1970’s, Chi-Jen Liu pioneered the Grand View Feng Shui system which is the foundation of all his paintings. Historically, Chi Art visually documents an exciting era of West merging with East from 1980 to the present, spanning the explosion of knowledge available on the internet to the realization of global harmony. Chi-Jen Liu has painted Obama - the first black President in US history, the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China; and the global acknowledgement of aliens.

As a patron of Chi Art, you are helping to preserve culture and improving your own self-cultivation.

What Collectors of Chi Art Say

"Chi Art is fantastic. It's inspiring how one man can have so many different visions. Makes you want to look at and analyze everything in this world. The Chi Art "Flying Horse Reaches Its Goals" is a like a direct reflection of myself. I look at that picture day and night and never give up. "Path of Longevity" is especially one of my favorites because it gives you a humble view of life."

~Arsen Sarkisian, CEO, NASA Services, Inc., Montebello, CA

"Having an original nearby is like having Master Liu nearby, including all of his powerful and positive energy. And, while I don't ever see myself selling them, they will only continue to increase in value due to their effectiveness and their uniqueness."

~Jacob Reinbolt, Attorney at Law in San Diego, CA

"I find Grand Master Liu's Chi Art to be fascinating. I have found that my appreciation for the art grows over time and the deep meaning of each one keeps you thinking."

~Nita Song, Marketing President in Los Angeles, CA

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