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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

~Albert Einstein,
German physicist

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Grand View Feng Shui

The Liu Masters originated Grand View Feng Shui, the hallmark philosophy and system of the 130 factors that influence your success in life. It takes into account the exterior environment and the cosmic energies of each individual who lives and works within a structure.

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Library Seminars

Each year, the Los Angeles County Public Libraries host feng shui seminars that are free to the public. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Master Jenny Liu. If you would like your local library to invite Jenny to give a seminar, please contact the program librarian directly.

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Article Archive

Browse through a collection of over 200 articles by Master Jenny Liu. These articles have been published in Asian Journal, Whole Life Times, Awareness Magazine, West Coast Media, India Journal and Qi Journal from 1995 to the present.

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Newsletter Archive

Our bi-monthly newsletters keep you connected to Liu Feng Shui. They feature a wide range of feng shui related subjects, such as client interviews, design projects, latest research, global and personal forecasts, Feng Shui Chi Art and special events.

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YouTube Channel

A collection of over 40 videos including clips from Feng Shui Tea Time workshops, interviews with Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu, comprehensive How-to videos with Master Julie Liu and Mantra Meditations with Master Jenny Liu.

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Discover the deeper meanings and correct pronunciation for commonly used terms in Feng Shui - such as Ba Gua, Five Elements, Qi, Grand Cycle, Yi-Jing Theory, Nine Star Calculation, Mudra and Zi Wei Do Shu Astrology.

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