"It benefitsyou to be aware of the information you exp­ose your mind to on a daily basis."

~Jenny Liu,
Feng Shui Master

A collection of over 100 articles by Jenny Liu published in Asian Journal, Whole Life Times, Awareness Magazine, West Coast Media, India Journal and Qi Journal from 1995 to present.

We have organized them by popular categories for easy reference:


Updated towards the beginning of every Lunar New Year, our forecasts provide a glimpse into the year ahead.

New to Feng Shui

These articles give you an overview of the multi-facets of feng shui so you can better navigate through the sea of information that is available.

130 Grand View Factors

Discover and learn about the 130 Factors that influence our success in life.

Business & Wealth

Unveiling the invisible energies that affect our business’ bottom lines, these case studies show how working spaces impact office relationships and productivity.

Love & Romance

These articles help you to understand how to attract a compatible relationship and maintain love in your life.  

Health & Wellness

Beyond diet and exercise, learn about the spectrum of energies that affect our health and well-being.

Top Tips

Find the solutions to the most often asked feng shui questions.


Guidelines on environments for children.

Real Life Stories

These case studies let you peer through the eyes of a feng shui master.

Discover Chi Art

Learn the deeper meanings and power behind Chi-Jen Liu's paintings filled with positive symbols and ideal feng shui environments.