Liu Feng Shui Grand View is the trademark philosophy developed by Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu. From decades of research and experience in feng shui and related studies, he has defined 130 factors that affect who you are.

These factors are energy forces that influence your well-being and success in life. They can affect you at any given time and their strength varies depending on your priorities, stage of life, way of life, and your awareness. The holistic consideration of all of these influential factors, or grand view perspective, gives you the ability to truthfully see yourself within the context of your life.

The 130 factors can be categorized into two types: 1) predestined and 2) adjustable. You have little control over the predestined factors that established the foundation of your life. The adjustable factors are more easily changed and developed to promote your well-being. Because everything is connected, when you improve one factor, you trigger a chain reaction that affects other factors and creates positive change in your life.

This article series on Grand View Feng Shui will reveal the 130 factors so that you can explore how these forces define and affect who you are. Hopefully, this awareness inspires you to make adjustments for the better.

Factor #1: Your Parent's Health

Your parents’ state of health and mind when they conceived you influenced your foundation of health. Because your first environment was your mother's womb, your mother’s ability to take care of herself during pregnancy was crucial to your own physical and mental constitution.

Pregnant Woman Sitting on Grass in ParkThe factor regarding your parents’ health was featured in the October 2010 issue of Time Magazine as reporter Annie Paul delved into the new science of fetal origins. This groundbreaking field of study indicates that everything a mother experiences and is exposed to during her pregnancy has a direct impact on the fetus' health throughout its life. "Much of what a pregnant woman encounters in her daily life - the air she breathes, the food and drink she consumes, the chemicals she's exposed to, even the emotions she feels - is shared in some fashion with her fetus. The fetus incorporates these offerings into its own body, making them part of its flesh and blood."

Many studies have shown that when a pregnant woman creates a positive intrauterine environment for the developing fetus, she gives her child a substantially higher chance of experiencing a healthy adulthood. A pregnant woman who lives in an unpolluted environment, consumes cruciferous vegetables known for their antioxidant benefits, maintains a healthy weight, meditates, and monitors her stress level, is helping her unborn child avoid obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and mental problems in adulthood.

With awareness, women who are prone to certain health issues can make changes in their diet and behavior during pregnancy to alter their unborn child's propensity for the same health problems. This is known as epigenetic modification. As Annie Paul states, "environmental influences affect the behavior of genes without altering DNA." With this empowering information, mothers-to-be can evolve the health of future generations.

Your mother's womb is the first feng shui environment you experienced. Understanding that it impacted your health today gives you insight that allows for more effective and personalized adjustments.