Liu Feng Shui Grand View is a philosophy defining 130 factors that affect who you are. This is the seventh article in a series presenting all 130 factors. Please refer to the first article for a complete introduction to this series. Today we will discuss Physical Appearance.

To a certain degree, your physical appearance reveals personal characteristics, habits, preferences, and health potential. Facial features are a physical representation of your inner energies. Whether you have a high forehead, a stubby nose, round eyes, bushy eyebrows, prominent cheekbones, long ear lobes, thin lips, or a cleft in your chin, the combination of your facial features are clues to your personality and level of energy. The field of study that categorizes physical features and the personality traits they represent is called physiognomy.

Portrait of Man of African DescentThough physiognomy has been with us since ancient Greece and China, in the February 2009 issue of New Scientist it was reported that "[this] field is undergoing something of a revival. Researchers around the world are re-evaluating what we see in a face, investigating whether it can give us a glimpse of someone's personality or even help to shape their destiny."

No doubt, you have seen the doted upon handsome child and the more neglected common child. This feedback based on physical appearance informs the child and establishes their level of self-confidence and expectations.

Like facial features, body characteristics can also affect how a person behaves or is perceived – both of which affect personality and development. Children who are short and stocky may exhibit different abilities, inclinations, and mentalities than children who are tall and thin. Children who are strong and athletic tend to be more active, possibly spending more time outside and benefiting from social experiences that enhance their health in a way that is different from children whose body types lead them to prefer indoor, sedentary, or solitary activities.

Facial features can be cosmetically altered to change your energies, but your original form is still a predestined factor that affects you accordingly. There are people whose entire lives have changed because their appearance was altered cosmetically or accidentally, however, when alterations are made for the wrong reasons, there can be serious repercussions.

Understanding what your body says about you brings awareness for acceptance or acknowledgement of the need to make positive changes.