Liu Feng Shui Grand View is a philosophy defining 130 factors that affect who you are. This is the eigth article in a series presenting all 130 factors. Please refer to the first article for a complete introduction to this series. Today we will discuss Personal Energy.

Your body emits a magnetic field with a frequency that is similar to the earth's magnetic field frequency measured at an average .5 gauss. Gauss is the unit of measurement for assessing the strength of a magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic frequency interacting with your personal magnetic frequency informs your personal energy.

The earth’s gauss varies among its different sectors. For instance, the gauss in the east is different from the gauss in the west, and so on throughout the eight cardinal directions.

Male Hand with Electricity Arcing between Thumb and Middle FingerSimilarly, our personal energies differ from one another. When your personal energy is aligned with a similar pattern in the earth’s frequency, like two similar sound waves coming together, your energy is amplified and becomes stronger. This alignment signifies that you are in a compatible direction.

The eight cardinal directions are categorized into two groups of energy patterns: Eastern Direction Pattern and Western Direction Pattern. If you belong to the Eastern Direction Pattern, you do well to align yourself to the north, south, east, or southeast directions. If you belong to the Western Direction Pattern, your compatible directions are the southwest, west, northwest, and northeast.

To avoid guesswork in determining your energy pattern, charts and calculations developed over thousands of years tell you your compatible directions, or gua, based on your gender and birth date.

Creating frequency alignment also requires that you maintain good health. When you are in overall good physical and mental health, you naturally orient yourself in directions that make you feel the most comfortable and allow you to be productive. However, when you are stressed, ill, or going through a crisis in your life, your energies will be unstable and your personal antenna is likely to be off, attracting energy that does not serve you.

With unstable energy you could make matters in your life worse by aligning your personal energy with earth frequencies that are opposite to your energy pattern, creating compromising conditions and canceling out positive growth. Over time, continuous cancellation of your energy can weaken you, making you vulnerable to problems.

Knowledge that you have a personal frequency that thrives when in alignment with the earth’s frequency allows for awareness, good decision-making, and positive growth. When you maintain a healthy well-being you intuitively seek positive alignments. Addressing feng shui charts and guidance from a feng shui master will assure you are living in a compatible direction.