Liu Feng Shui Grand View is a philosophy defining 130 factors that affect who you are. This is the tenth article in a series presenting all 130 factors. Please refer to the first article for a complete introduction to this series. Today we will discuss Birthplace.

The country, state, or city in which a person is born influences their life. If a person is born in a developing third world country, such as Ethiopia, his or her life will likely be different from the life of someone who is born in a metropolitan city in America.

Four Kids of Different Races United Facing a Model of a GlobeThe quality of a person’s life experience must be evaluated within its own context. What might be deemed as a poor lifestyle in one place, may be considered a rich lifestyle in another. A beautiful example of this can be seen in the documentary, Babies, by filmmaker Thomas Balmes.

In the documentary, Balmes takes the viewer through the early stages of development of four babies from the following regions of the world: Africa, United States, Mongolia, and Japan.

Though the four babies in the film were born very close to the same time, you can see how their place of birth uniquely informs their daily lives and beyond. All four babies show similarities as they explore their world, play, and take their first steps, however, their unique environments impact their upbringing, perception of the world, and their behavior.

Be aware of your birthplace and the potential it offers your life. If you were born in a compatible direction that supports your well-being, you may consider staying close by. If you feel that your birthplace does not support you, then it may be time to find the place that does.