Shoppers in Commercial District of ShanghaiIt's no longer a secret that feng shui can help create a business environment that promotes better opportunities and increases our bottom line.  One famous case in point, Donald Trump made it public that he uses feng shui because he had consulted a feng shui master when he was facing bankruptcy and was able to turn it around.  Many corporations are no longer shy about using feng shui to their advantage. It is now a known fact that many Fortune 500 companies have their own feng shui consultant or staff.

Your business can only be as strong as you are. Without knowing who you are, or what you are supposed to be doing in your life, knowing who you work with and what type of environment promotes you, you are unlikely to be very successful at reaching your fullest potential.

My father likes to say in life, we are all like fishermen. Fishermen have two things: their boat and their fishing net. But there are many factors that can influence the success of the fisherman. Are you fishing in the right place? No matter how skilled of a fisherman you are, if you're fishing where there are no fish, you will not be successful. How successful you are also depends on how big your boat is, how fast you can go and the size of your fishing net. Some of us may be fishing in the right place, but our boat is small and our fishing net has a big hole. So no matter how hard we try, we catch very few fish. Some of us are not very skilled fisherman. Some people I know have only a high school diploma, and yet they are successful business people. Why is that? They are fishing in the right place with the right tools. Some of us fish better by ourselves and some need other people to help us fish.

Given that metaphor, we can examine ourselves and our business. First, does the business match you? It is important to know if the field we select is compatible to us. Aside from our basic education and personal skills, we can do a Zi Wei Do Shu birth chart which is a complex astrology chart that calculates 116 stars based on your birth date, birth time and birth place. The chart serves as a guideline, or map, of your life's path, but again, it is still only one of 130 factors that influence you.

A birth chart reading reveals your financial potential, strengths and weaknesses, and suitable fields for you to pursue. In many cases, a person who is working in a compatible field has an easier time of being successful than one who is not. Working in an incompatible field can bring many challenges, obstacles, and conflict. Also, your birth chart will let us know if you should work for someone or if you are better off working for yourself.

Are you doing your business in the right place? If you don't fish where the fish are, you cannot be successful so it's very important to find the best location for you. From the birth chart we can find out what city, state, region and country is strongest for you in which to do business.  For example, depending on who you are and your birth date and time, Los Angeles may not be the best place for you to establish your business. You'll find that no matter how much marketing you do to promote your business, or how good your feng shui is, you still have problems with your business potential. Some would do better on the east coast or in countries like Asia and Europe. If you cannot re-locate, you can explore traveling there or conduct business related to those areas.

Doing your business at the right time of your life is very important. From your birth chart, we can tell when the strongest period is for you to promote your business. Knowing when you reach a peak in your life is good to know for when you want to change jobs, or reach a turning point in your career. If you start a new business venture, it is important to make sure that you start during an ascendant (positive) time in your life, rather than a descendant time. If you start a business in a low cycle of your life, it doesn't mean you cannot do it, it likely means that without feng shui adjustments, you might find it challenging.

Are the partners or staff you have in your business compatible to you as the business owner? When you and the staff members are incompatible, it is easy for conflict to arise. If their energy is negative, it can bring negative energy to the business. It might not be their intention, but because they are a part of your business it can bring you down. It is important you do a birth chart reading on the key people in your business - those who do the marketing, bookkeeping, anything that would contribute to the success of the business - to know that they are in a positive cycle in their life, and that they are performing a job that is compatible to them and your business. If they are not, adjusting their feng shui will help.

Does the feng shui of your office match you? Feng shui is one of the easiest, most successful means to change that you can use to promote your life and business. If your business has done all of the promotion it can in the right markets and your product or service is very competitive and yet business is slow, you need to consider other factors that might be influencing it. There are over 60 factors to consider when analyzing the feng shui of a building: orientation, entries, shape, interior layout, colors, décor, windows, furniture placement, and exterior environment, to name a few. All factors need to be examined and analyzed to determine if they promote you on a personal level.

Many of us spend a large portion of our lifetime working at our business or career, so it is vital to take these steps to increase our potential. This ensures success, fulfillment, and happiness in our lives.