People pushing giant puzzle pieces togetherGloria and Rich run a home health service business. It was time to expand, so they recently bought a new, two-story office building with two units and decided to have everything arranged according to feng shui to ensure their transition would be a smooth and progressive one.

When I arrived to do a feng shui analysis, the previous owner had just vacated the space. There were many rooms with poor feng shui to begin with. They either had aligning doors, protruding beams, and no windows, or they were configured in too small of a space in asymmetrical shapes.

Rich is someone who wants to do everything the best he can. I recommended for him to occupy the northwest office, which is the strongest direction for him this year. His desk should also be oriented to face west. Ideally, his door should be moved so that it is on his upper left hand side.

To strengthen Gloria’s energy, I established her office in the north and also recommended that her door be relocated so that it didn’t align with the main office door and invite conflict.

There are fifteen employees, and although Rich had already situated them into departments, he was open to relocating them so that they would be in their best directions and be the most productive. For those employees who simply had to remain in an incompatible location due to their need to be in close proximity to supervisors, adjustments needed to be made to neutralize negative energies. I positioned the employees’ desks to face their positive directions and made sure they had a wall behind their chair to promote feelings of security and focus.

To further enhance the potential of his business and to create the productivity, cooperation, and well-being of his employees, Rich followed my recommendations regarding the furniture placement, artwork, sculptures, colors, and cures needed for his new office. Due to the new adjustments to create an environment with better feng shui for his employees and business, the moving in was delayed by several weeks, but Rich and Gloria trusted that if they took the time to do things right in the beginning, it would pay off in the end.

When I returned two months later to meet him at his office to discuss the feng shui of his home, I was extremely impressed by the improvement of the space as compared to when I first came to do the initial consultation. Rich and Gloria told me they were thrilled with the results, as their business had already improved 35% in the first month of their move. They are a wonderful example of the benefits that can be reaped when the feng shui is made to be positive and compatible for the entire business.