Family buying car from car salesmanCaren and her husband Larry own a multi-million dollar car auction business in the Orange County region with two branch offices. A couple of years ago, they were involved in a lawsuit and on the verge of bankruptcy. They had been in the business for many years and did not want to give it up.

Caren and Larry are honest business people who work extremely hard, but it seemed no matter how much money they earned, it never seemed to be enough. There was always some unexpected expense or problem cropping up. Caren felt strongly that something was simply not right. She and Larry decided to get their feng shui adjusted.

Caren and Larry are both Western Direction Pattern people. One of their buildings was oriented on a southwest/northeast axis that matches them. However, their personal offices were in the east sector and their main door faced southeast. Both the east and southeast directions are associated to the wood element. These wood energies defeat Larry’s earth, and Caren’s metal elements, and were likely to bring conflicts and troublemakers, such as lawsuits. Among many of the feng shui adjustments I recommended, the most important was for them to create personal offices in the west sector of their building.

In their second building, Caren’s personal office was located in the southeast corner, which does not match her. Larry’s office was located in the northeast corner.  Although it matched him, in that particular year, the northeast direction brought problems. Again, many recommendations were made to improve the building’s feng shui.  Nonetheless, because Caren could not relocate her office in this second business location, I suggested for Caren to minimize her time in this office altogether.

Caren is a meticulous person who followed my recommendations perfectly. From the furniture placement, staff relocation, colors, and crystals, to the artwork that decorated the walls, she did her best to adjust her offices’ feng shui. Because Caren’s and Larry’s birth charts show that they are vulnerable to having other people trouble them in their business, it was vital for them to practice special mantras and meditations in addition to the feng shui to release negative energies.

When she attended our semi-annual seminar, she gratefully shared her story with all the participants who were there. I was extremely touched by her story as she explained her situation and how the feng shui and meditations have been a great help to her and her business. She pointed out that after two years of legal preparation and several months of the feng shui adjustments and mediations, the judge presiding over their litigation completely ruled in her favor without even looking at the documentation.

In Caren’s mind, there is no doubt about the power and effectiveness of feng shui.  The benefits of the couple thousand dollars she invested in the feng shui consultation far outweighed the quarter of a million dollars she spent on legal expenses. To her it was a miracle as to how much her business was able to progress once such a heavy burden was lifted.