Businessman in front of world mapBusiness has been slow for Mr. San.  His sales people have not been bringing in new orders and he has hired several different employees with the same disappointing results.  He asks me if his sales people should be positioned according to feng shui to improve his situation.

I tell Mr. San that just like the feng shui is important in a home, so is feng shui for an office. It involves many factors such as the owner’s energies, the building’s location, interior layout, site, local and global economics and so forth - 130 factors in all.

Key points to focus on are compatibility between business type, business location, and the owner’s frequencies, and correct positioning of the employees so that they can work to their full potential.  The feng shui of the personal offices of the owner and the major moneymakers are especially important.

If the sales people need to travel to and from the office during the day, they should be placed in a location that makes it easy for them to come and go.  Usually, this means establishing their offices on the first floor with quick access to their cars.

The business should be easy to find and provide ample parking so that clients will not be upset by searching for parking spaces.  The more time they waste looking for parking, the less time they have for your business.

Within the office, employees should feel a strong sense of stability and comfort.  This means locating workstations away from circulation corridors and doorways so the employees can work without distractions.  A solid wall behind each desk chair provides support and privacy.

For successful promotional seminars, the conference room should have doors that close to keep people and noise from disrupting the speaker.  Conference rooms are generally best located in the center or on the left hand side of the building as one enters.  Both orientations contain energy that maintains relationships.  Ideally, this location is compatible with the owner’s frequencies as well.

Sales people should be hired according to their compatibility with both the owner and the business. A birth chart reading for each employee will provide this information, as well as indicate which directions they are best suited to.  A birth chart reading makes sure that employees are aligned with positive frequencies that allow them to focus their energies so that they bring in good clients and avoid bad clients who cause trouble or do not pay.  Birth charts also reveal which regions are the best for the salespeople to travel to and do business in.

Mr. San mentions that he has wanted to take a business trip to China and is eagerly awaiting the right opportunity.  He asks if his feng shui can be adjusted to help that happen.  I tell him that objects or images that are symbolic of movement or travel, such as an airplane, horse, bird, dragon, or boat, can be placed in a person’s travel direction to stimulate specific frequencies that activate travel potential.  For example, Mr. San’s birth chart says his traveling frequencies are in the eastern direction.  His birth element is wood, which is associated with the wind or air animals.  This means he can place a painting of an eagle or airplanes in the eastern direction of his office to stimulate the travel energies.  The images are also a visual reminder of his goals that will motivate him to actively pursue his desires.  I also advise Mr. San to meditate, chant, and use creative visualization to imagine himself where he wants to be.

Finally, the success of a business also depends on the flux of local and worldwide economic energies.  If the present economy is slow in the particular area you are doing business in, it can be difficult to do well, even if your feng shui is very good.  By understanding global economic patterns, you can adjust your business to ride with the current flow of money.  In other words, it is not good enough to have a perfect fishnet, you must also follow where the fish are and use the best bait to attract and catch them.