Mother teaching her sonChildren are especially sensitive to their environment and natural frequencies.  During their development, it is important for children to be in an environment that is conducive to their well-being. Using your child’s birth date, we can determine which earth and planetary frequencies are best for them to align with so that their personal energies are more focused, allowing them to concentrate on their school work. This arranging of frequencies between a person and their environment is called feng shui.

A feng shui master skilled in interpreting the universal energies can tell you in which room your child should study, in which direction their desk should be placed, and which direction the desk should face to promote clarity and focus. Ideally, there is a solid wall behind your child as they sit at their desk for security and to act as a physical container of their body’s energy. Certain colors, materials, décor, and images can also be used to further enhance your child’s progress, depending on the nature of their energy.

Feng shui alone does not guarantee good grades. A balanced diet, proper exercise, positive relationships with family and friends, as well as the child’s personality need to be considered before understanding how to guide them towards success.

Using your child’s birth date and time, we can determine their birth chart, which provides guidance as to the fields of study your child’s innate personality is best suited for. Nurturing an interest that a child is naturally inclined towards allows them to develop easier into a confident adult with strong skills and identity.

Let me share a case that illustrates a potential effect feng shui has on a child’s life. Marcy and her husband, Nathan, have been married twelve years. As a couple unable to conceive children, they decided to adopt a child. Because they were in their forties, they thought it more appropriate to open up their home to an older child. At the orphanage, they felt an immediate affection for fourteen-year-old Sam. Marcy and Nathan made it a priority to provide their new son with a better life. They began by making sure their house had good feng shui.

Sam was born under the xun, or wood element, which means his energies are strongest in the southeast bedroom with his desk facing north. At the orphanage, Sam was known to struggle in his studies and his grades were below average, but according to his birth chart, he had a knack for details and solving problems - a suitable future career would be engineering or architecture. Marcy and Nathan kept an eye on Sam and gently encouraged him these areas.

A year after the adoption, Nathan called me for an annual feng shui adjustment and told me that Sam had been earning straight A’s and even an A+ in his drafting class.  Sensitive to Sam’s needs, Marcy and Nathan spent time with him after dinner taking walks, singing karaoke, or just talking.

As a result of paying attention to Sam’s needs, his birth chart, and by creating an environment that promoted his strengths, as well as their own ability to parent, Marcy and Nathan created a family that functions healthily and provided their son with confidence, ability, and opportunity.