Chi Art paintings are a highly effective form of feng shui and personal adjustment. Chi Art, appropriately translated as the "art of energy," is a transformative tool that cultivates your perceptions and enlightens you by increasing your subconscious mind power.

Every Chi Art painting includes a unique combination and understanding of the natural laws and theories of the Yi Jing, Yin Yang, Five Elements, feng shui, cosmic symbols, and the Chinese language.  The result is a special language of symbols, diagrams, and secret codes that embody and attract high universal intelligence.

Each original Chi Art is unique and is created by Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu to serve multiple purposes.  Grand Master Liu creates Chi Art while in deep meditation with focused intentions of tapping into your subconscious potential.  The energy that Grand Master Liu infuses into his paintings enables your subconscious to more readily absorb positive energy and thrive.

Dragonfish Releasing Disaster from Earth - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuChi Art affects your total mind power, which includes both the conscious and subconscious realms. The conscious mind receives information based on the five senses and takes care of all matters related with day-to-day physical living. Your subconscious mind receives information beyond your five senses by connecting to the higher intelligence of your intuition - or sixth sense - and universal energy. Your true essence lies in your subconscious, as do the answers to your questions and your life’s purpose.  Grand Master Liu’s Chi Art penetrates the subconscious and activates your well-being.

The Chi Art I am presenting in this article is “Dragonfish Releasing Disaster From Earth.”  I selected this piece because I wish to send its blessings of protection to as many people as possible during this era of global instability.

The long golden dragonfish at the bottom of the painting symbolizes the basis of our survival on Earth.  With scales made of ancient Chinese coins, the dragonfish floats above the water, representing the rise or arrival of money fortune.  This energy causes colorful fish to leap out of the water into the heavens.

The colorful fish represent all nationalities and their abilities to progress.  Three fish on each side of the painting exemplify the balance of yin and yang.  The seven planets are symbolic of the energies during the 7th Red Metal Cycle (this painting was created during the 7th Cycle).  They are linked in a high-energy combination to induce communication, insight, and vision.

The three spheres in the center remind us of Mother Nature's power in the form of water, wind, and fire.  Within each of these spheres is a mantra charm to protect against flood, hurricane, and fire.  The spaceship at the top is symbolic of extraterrestrial intelligence that teaches us how to create prosperity and balance.  It gives us a message by forming special patterns of light in the sky.

Placing this Chi Art in your home or office protects you from natural disasters and brings you wealth.  Behold “Dragonfish Releasing Disaster From Earth” daily and visualize a protective orb of energy around your home.  Visualize yourself as a colorful fish leaping up in joy as you attain your goals.  Art in its many forms, from music, painting, sculpture, dance, and poetry, to theatre, offers humankind a transformative experience.