Ultimately, the most effective feng shui adjustment items are uniquely and lovingly created by masters or artisans. Such art is powerful indeed, and when you combine it with the power of your belief, understanding, desire, and inspiration, it activates positive reactions on multiple dimensions.  Chi Art is an example of the highest quality feng shui item you can implement in your environment. 

Chi Art is a term coined by Grand Master Chi Jen Liu to describe his special paintings.  True to the nomenclature, his paintings are essentially the art of energy.  Chi Art is a meditation expressed in a visual form.  Looking upon it stimulates your subconscious mind, triggering subtle, yet deep states of transformation.

When you adjust the feng shui of your environment, aside from moving your furniture around, you need to introduce elements and catalysts that activate the positive energy fields and neutralize the negative ones.  When you make feng shui adjustments correctly, the changes in your physical environment set off a chain reaction that brings positive events into your life.

Sacred Bamboo Forest - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuItems commonly used for making feng shui adjustments include crystals, figurines, plants, fountains, coins, gongs, and lights.  For maximum effect, it is important to understand each item's purpose.  A citrine crystal can amplify your frequency for attracting abundance; a rose quartz can soothe your heart vibrations to release stress, and amethyst can heighten your intuition.  The actual vibration of the crystal enhances corresponding aspects of your personal vibration to strengthen it.

Figures or animals that are universal symbols, such as the lion, are often used in feng shui.  As “king of the jungle,” the lion elicits subconscious powers of courage offering strength and protection.  If you understand a feng shui item's purpose, it can empower you and amplify the potential for transformation.  The key point is that your mental power plays a vital role in the effectiveness of feng shui adjustments.

Today, many feng shui items are mass-produced plastic replicas.  More often than not, it is these replicas that most people use.  When items are mass-produced, they lack the human touch and the energy of inspirational intention.  Despite this fact, lesser quality feng shui figurines can still be effective on a psychological level, working like a placebo.  Though they will not be on the same level as a high quality feng shui item, they serve as reminders that trigger subconscious levels of change. 

An example of a high level feng shui adjustment can be seen in the Chi Art "Sacred Bamboo Forest" (pictured above), which is  is energized by the artist with intention and messages of higher intelligence.  These messages are frequencies that interact with your personal energy, adjusting or amplifying your energies to manifest what you desire.  

The bamboo forest in the center of the painting encourages you to release stress by cultivating an open heart (like a hollow bamboo stem) and following the light at the end of a tunnel.  Staying on this bamboo path of open heartedness moves you along towards the light of forgiveness, which brings you health and peace during times of darkness.

The trees at the bottom in groups of three and four promote scholarship, abundance, and personal growth.  In the upper right and left corners of the painting are the sun and moon offering rays of mantra diagrams to release negative energies, promote business success, and accumulate wealth.  Above, green ribbons grow from the sky like fantasy fortune from heaven.  The red star configuration promotes energies of adoration and being doted upon.

As you gaze into this Chi Art, take deep breaths and visualize your journey through the bamboo forest.  Inhale this empowered imagery of appreciation and exhale to release your day's weariness, realizing that all of your dreams can come true.