Mantra charms are ancient diagrams or secret codes derived from the laws of nature.  They form a language of high intelligence that stimulates your subconscious ability to affect different dimensions of time and space.

There are hundreds of different mantra charms that can create all kinds of change in your life.  From releasing harmful events such as lawsuit, accident, money loss, or illness, to enhancing success in your career, love relationships, or wealth potential, mantra charms that are drawn and empowered by a master produce powerful results.

As well as incorporating mantra charms into art that hangs on a wall, a personal mantra charm can be drawn on delicate joss paper for you to carry with you in a pouch around the neck, a pocket, or a wallet.  If kept in good condition, its power holds for a year and protects you from negative energy, while attracting the positive.

Dolphins Release Tai Shui Defeating Energies - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuGrand Master Liu has used mantra charms for decades and now implements them in his Chi Art for effective personal and feng shui adjustment.  During deep meditation, visions of mantra charm diagrams come to life.  The diagrams then transform themselves into symbols and images of plants, animals, nature, and the stars of the cosmos.  It is clear to Grand Master Liu that this is the universe's way of revealing special messages to him.  He then captures these stories and messages in his art and poetry.

The Chi Art shown in this article, "Dolphins Release Tai Shui Defeating Energies" is a perfect example of art encoded with mantra charms and messages. A prominent image in this painting is the dolphin.  The dolphin is a magnificent creature and icon of strength, understanding, enlightenment, and an intelligence reminiscent of humans.  Dolphins also represent harmonious living.  In the painting, two dolphins cross their glistening bodies, demonstrating that working together allows them to reach the Stars of Productive Energy.  They create a model for sustainable life on Earth.

Beneath the dolphins, a turtle sits peacefully, glowing with life and free from disease.  Under the turtle, a layered world of plants and microorganisms serenely sway in the current.  This represents a cross section of ecology in its strongest and most universal state. The composition of the dolphins, seaweed, and turtle creates a mantra charm diagram that releases the energies of tai shui. 

When you behold this Chi Art, it triggers your subconscious to be calm and to make wise decisions that protect you from loss.  It also reminds you to appreciate what you have for in doing so, you will vibrate frequencies that attract positive events into your life.