In 1992, I began researching the concept of chi, or energy.  I wanted to see what western studies had been conducted regarding the idea that everything is essentially vibration or frequency.  In my research, I found a wide array of scientific studies that concluded that everything is made of molecules and atoms that are being held together by an energy force or vibration.

Part of my research led me to the Wave Theory.  The Wave Theory makes the crucial point that when two sound waves with the same frequency come together they are amplified.  Also, if you have two tuning forks that create the same sound wave frequency, striking one tuning fork will cause the other to resonate.  Tuning forks with different frequencies will not respond to each other.  This illustrates that similar energies will attract and resonate with each other.  When two opposite wave frequencies come together, they cancel each other out.

During the time of my research, on the other side of the globe in Japan, Dr. Masaru Emoto was making similar discoveries of his own.  Intrigued with a personal healing experience facilitated by water, Dr. Emoto began to study water’s power by conducting extensive experiments involving the effect that the frequencies of thoughts, words, and music have on it.

Three Healing Dragons - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuThe results of Dr. Emoto's experiments showed that water could "understand" and respond to the vibration of different kinds of information.  Being that humans are 70% water, this is a powerful discovery.  In short, your intentions towards others and yourself have a great impact on the quality of your physical health.   This idea is not new to the ancient and modern sages of meditation and energy healing, however, it is now scientifically qualified and captured on film.

One of the most amazing experiments Dr. Emoto conducted demonstrated that positive information can balance and purify water.  When water was exposed to a negative word such as "stress," it produced erratic, asymmetrical crystals.  However, when the same water was exposed to a positive word like "love" or “gratitude,” beautiful, symmetrical double crystals were formed.  You can see photos of these results in Dr. Emoto’s fascinating book "The True Power of Water," or on his website at

After understanding Dr. Emoto’s experiments and realizing that human beings are 70% water, there should be no doubt as to how important it is to surround yourself with positive vibrations from art, words, poetry, and music that heal, inspire, and harmonize your personal energy.  If simply voicing the words "love" and "gratitude" can create stunning crystals in water, imagine what art encoded with powerful mantra charms worth a thousand blessing words that is empowered with the profound intentions of a Grand Master can do for you.

During the 20-year Period 8, which occurs from 2004-2023, there are many stars that bring ailments, allergies, infections, and money loss to homes.  The Chi Art featured in this article, "Three Healing Dragons," calls upon three powerful dragon spirits from the heavens to release disease and disaster.  They dance among mantra diagrams to enhance your longevity and bring you unexpected wealth.   Negative energies that rob you of your well-being and prosperity are released.

In the upper left and right corners of the painting, the moon and sun symbolize protection night and day.  In the lower right, musical notes remind you to relax, for that is the key to health and long life. On the bottom, an abundance of white coral and green kelp promotes wealth without disaster.

When you take in Chi Art, your mind and body are affected by the mantra charms, diagrams, symbols, and colors in the same way that beautiful crystals form in water when it is exposed to positive frequencies.