Do you want to improve your life?  Many people tell us that they can't move forward because of work and family obligations.  If they work from nine to five, they have little time, energy, or motivation to think about themselves.  It is difficult to make changes because they feel stuck.

People react to their life circumstances in different ways.  Some simply accept their life the way it is and continue to work hard.  However, if their work becomes a burden, the stress can have a negative impact on their health and self-esteem.

Others are in constant battle with themselves and those around them. They constantly vent their discontent and misery, exponentially spreading their negativity.  There are also people afraid of change. They would rather suffer in the familiarity of their rut than expand into unknown territory, even if that unknown territory is the pursuit of their life’s dream and there is a high potential for success.

Promotion of Power - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuClients come to us for guidance in discovering their true selves again.  Through personal birth chart readings, feng shui consultations, or meditation lessons, they find balance and focus, regaining a clear perspective of their life.

As an example, during this economic crisis, many people have lost their jobs and been thrown off balance.  Many felt extremely depressed and perceived their situation as desperate when they came to us for help.  Interestingly, those who sought our help after losing a job agreed that they were not happy at their work; they were simply doing what it took to pay the bills and survive.

We reminded these clients that there are two sides to every story - a glass with milk up to the halfway point can be seen as half empty or half full.  The other side of their story of hardship was that they had possibly gained an opportunity to pursue what they truly love and were meant to do.

A challenge can be a blessing in disguise that leads you to the answers you have been seeking.  When you encounter an obstacle, view it as an opportunity to improve yourself.  Many success stories evolve out of overcoming an obstacle or failure.

Without a doubt, external stimuli or circumstances can affect you in different ways, depending on your nature and your perspective of life.  If you want to improve your life, but find it impossible due to uncontrollable circumstances, realize that there are aspects you can control - like your environment - with feng shui.

The right arrangement of your environment will balance you and stimulate positive change in your life.  If you cannot make dramatic changes to your environment, you can easily surround yourself with affirming art that subconsciously triggers positive internal change.

Depending on who you are and what you are striving to achieve, simple art might not be enough.  A powerful art form that can create strong positive change is Chi Art.  The Chi Art presented in this article, “Promotion of Power,” is composed from a special mantra charm that boosts leadership abilities to reach one's goals.

In the painting, the number “3” is used frequently for it is associated with the divine trinity and symbolizes high goals. Thus, three eagles, known for their prowess in the sky, are rising on three tall posts, symbolizing the occupation of high positions through assertive action. The posts are also empowered with “dream come true” charms, bringing all achievements within reach.

Three suns symbolize supreme accomplishment and fame. The sun on top rises above a volcanic mountain and is embraced by two red arms of fire and fumes.  This is a poetic metaphor illustrating that the aspiring individual will claim a commanding status. The two suns on the right of the diagram mean that this power will continue day after day. Below the poles, a quartet of flowers and plants represent a peaceful and easy path towards glory.

If you want a promotion or to start a new business, place art with specificity and intention in your office or room to stimulate the self-motivation and leadership abilities that are necessary for taking action toward your goals.