Each of us has unique circumstances, priorities, and karma, as well as our own standards, goals, desires, and budgets.  As a feng shui master, I find that when it comes to making personal and feng shui adjustments for a client, it is vital to understand the person for whom I am making recommendations.  The more compatible the adjustments are to a person on their unique level, the more effective they will be.

One way to better understand a person is to calculate their Life Map or Zi Wei Do Shu birth chart.  This high-level astrological reading provides detailed insight into a person’s journey by covering twelve key life aspects of personality, career, wealth, karma, marriage, children, parents, siblings, friends, travel, health, and property.  It also reveals the compatible colors, elements, symbols, mantra charms, and numerology that promote each person, which is important information for personalizing adjustments.

Chi Art painting - Star of Power Waves by Grand Master Chi-Jen LiuThe Life Map is highly detailed and can reveal the types of obstacles you might encounter in life or the type of relationships you are likely to have.  One of the biggest benefits of a Life Map reading is learning about the ten-year energy cycles as they occur in your life.  A ten-year cycle can be weak and create conditions that bring challenge; or it can be strong, providing a foundation for realizing your potential.

For example, during a weak ten-year period, your energies are less stable and you may be prone to making poor decisions.  This creates conditions for stress, illness, self-doubt, or confusion.  A birth chart reading provides knowledge of this potential, which allows you to take preventive measures to sidestep negativity.  On the positive side, if you find out you are entering a strong ten-year cycle, you can take action that propels your life forward.  Knowing that you have the advantage of being in a strong ten-year cycle, you gain confidence and increase your ability to succeed.

Some people shy away from Life Map readings because they are afraid of finding out something negative.  Although Life Maps can be quite accurate, your life is ultimately in your own hands and gaining foresight is effective for creating the life you want.  How many times have you thought, “if I only knew then what I know now, I would've done things differently”

Clients going through a rough ten-year period inevitably ask me how they can improve their situation.  There are some common sense ways to make improvements, such as eating right, getting proper exercise, and adjusting feng shui, however, sometimes you need powerful adjustments that attract energy from different dimensions to help you overcome karma and stimulate change in your current life.

An example of a very powerful adjustment is Chi Art that is personally created for you based on your unique birth chart and energy cycles. The Chi Art presented in this article, "Star of Power Waves," was a commissioned piece for someone who needed a powerful adjustment to their current cycle of wealth and business.  Six waves symbolize the wealth of overseas financial groups and Fortune 500 companies.  As the highest powers of the heavens, the sun and moon radiate a multitude of special mantras and secret codes for marketing, creating good karma and blessings, and releasing a frequency of booming business represented by the eight coins.

At the heart of the painting is a triple star set against a red background that brings love, admiration, fame, and a command of communication to the owner of the painting, enhancing his life with success, harmony, and happiness.  Art encoded with mantra charms, secret codes, and constellations that release obstacles and strengthen your energy.  Promoting elements, colors, symbols, and personalized images are incorporated into the painting to transform your life's energy pattern.