It is clear that your environment is a direct reflection of your energy. The reverse is also true.  Your environment can reveal your true nature, and it can be utilized to transform you.  This is the basis of feng shui.  Simply stated, feng shui is the study of how humans interact with and respond to their environment.  Its principles are focused on selecting, creating, and adjusting living and working environments to support your potential.

Whether you are aware of it, your brain and your body respond spontaneously to your environment.  We've all heard the saying, "out of sight, out of mind."  The opposite is also true - what is in sight every day goes into your mind and affects your energy.  The elements you surround yourself with – both supporting and defeating - subconsciously impact your mental and physical condition.  If defeating images are not removed, over time they will have a serious impact on your relationships, health, self-esteem, or career.

Wise Eyes - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuThe qualities of balance, symmetry, and proportion all appeal to your inborn sense of beauty.  Environments that reflect these qualities tend to affect your personal energy in a positive, supporting manner.  Studies have shown that when babies gaze upon photos of balanced and symmetrical faces, they reflect expressions of being content, while photos of disproportioned facial features elicit crying or despondence.  Similarly, images of violence raise blood pressure, while images of nature lower blood pressure.

Currently, one of the most popular facets of feng shui is decluttering and interior design. It is true that removing unnecessary or negative items can have a huge impact on the energy of your living space; however, it is the detailed application of feng shui principles that triggers deep transformation.  One vital detail to consider is the selection of art you choose to display.

Art in its various forms of painting, sculpture, or craft, represents one of the most sublime forms of human potential.  A universal language, art allows the human genius to be fully expressed.  Because artists have various aptitudes and intentions in their expression, you must pay attention to messages your subconscious receives from the art.  The art that you are drawn to and respond to is a reflection of your energy.

For instance, if you want to find a partner, putting up art depicting single people does not support attracting a mate.  In one case, a husband displayed art depicting a man surrounded by several women.  It was later revealed that he had been having an affair.  It is crucial to select art that positively supports you in the areas of your life you want to improve.

The Chi Art painting in this article, “Wise Eyes,” is a Taoist charm best suited for promoting a child’s genius towards success and fame.  The trees represent constant growth and serve as antennae that are connected to the four planets of intelligence.  The number four is associated to the wood element, which represents scholarship.  The four planets transmit their message through the purple dragons to the trees.  Purple is a color of enlightenment.

An equilateral triangle with three eyes on both sides of the painting represent the power to see the present, past, and future, and inspire children to engage in life with an open mind by delving into the subconscious and higher dimensions, all of which are important.  The rows of ten eyes are symbolic of vision in all ten directions - the eight cardinal compass directions, plus heaven above and earth below.  The arch in the center is a symbol of uplifting energies.

At the bottom of the painting, the combination of the nine planets, three eyes, and the balance of the male and female gods is a key component of the power of this Taoist charm.  It connotes that the basic power of intelligence comes from understanding the connection of universal energies, the ability to see in all directions, and maintaining balance.