Enter the world of Chi Art to explore its messages and become one with its powers.  Like lyrics that give meaning to music, the various diagrams and symbols encoded in Chi Art reveal the story behind the painting.

Can you imagine a world without music?  Music is truly a universal language that has no barriers.  You don't have to be a musician to appreciate the feelings that music evokes.  Music can inspire visions and imagery, lighten your darkest states of mind, be your companion in times of loneliness, express what you cannot put into words, heal a broken heart, render you to tears, and touch a part of your soul.  Studies have shown that children who learn music do better in school and are more emotionally adaptable to new situations.

Multi-Dimensional Spiral of Wealth - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuBesides being a great advocator of music, I bring up these vital points as a metaphor to explain that visual art, like music, is a universal language.  Each piece of art vibrates with its own frequency and sends out a message.  You experience and respond to art according to who you are.  There is no doubt that like a beautiful song, a well-composed painting can sooth you, touch your heart, trigger thoughts, and evoke emotions that tell you something about yourself, or simply comfort and heal.

We rarely stop to think about why we are attracted to certain pieces of music and art.  Why is it that certain songs can be heard multiple times and certain paintings can be observed over and over again and continue to be appreciated at deep levels?  The answer is simple: the song or painting is a form of living energy that fulfills a need and offers support.

I have had the pleasure of watching my father, Grand Master Chi Jen Liu create his Chi Art.  It is like watching a musically theatrical event in which he is the conductor, the musician, and the actor on stage.  Before he begins a painting, he studies a script.  If he is painting for a specific client, the script is the client's birth chart.  My father then meditates deeply to draw upon higher universal intelligence and connect with the client's energy.  I’m guessing this is similar to the mental state of a composer.

Imagine what a soundtrack does for a film.  When Grand Master Liu garners his inspiration, it is like composing music that celebrates the client's life.  The resulting art brings out the client’s best qualities and supports their god-given potential, creating balance where their energy is weak.

Grand Master Liu’s paintbrush is the conductor’s baton and the various colors of his palette are the instruments.  Just as a master musician becomes one with his instrument and expresses his heart and soul’s deep, evocative music, each flourish of paint applied by my father is imbued with emotional intention.  As Grand Master Liu’s paintbrush dances across the canvas stage, the client's hopes and dreams become reality in the form of diagrams, images, and symbols.  Observing a Chi Art painting positively imprints your energy, changing you forever.

The Chi Art in this article, “Multi-Dimensional Spiral of Wealth” is a client-commissioned piece.  A whirlpool of blessings swirls in a vortex of vibrant red, blue, and green.  These colors represent the fire and wood elements, which promote the client.

The whirlpool draws divine blessings from the surrounding mantra charm diagrams, including good health, reaching goals, respect, protection from harm, stable wealth, harmonious relationships, and overcoming trouble.  In the lower right, the client is portrayed as contently pregnant, as it is her life’s dream to have a child.  Doting parents and a successful husband are also depicted.

It has been said that half of making your wishes come true, is the ability to visualize them.  When you are able to envision your goal and energize it with emotional intention, it is only a matter of time before it manifests into reality.  Chi Art is a bridge to your reality.