Acting mindfully is crucial for attaining your goals.  Being mindful means doing things with your full attention and intention.  This includes looking at the big picture and understanding the consequences of your actions on a grand scale.  When you do this, you will find miracles in everything you experience.

Rather than be frustrated about business competition or an unsatisfying relationship, use that energy to change your mental perspective of the situation so that you can take positive action.  The moment you are able to appreciate the challenges in your life, they will cease to obstruct you and instead, propel you forward.  If it were not for problems, we would never learn how to come up with solutions.

It's so easy to put people down, not care, take short cuts, buy on credit, overspend, and overindulge.  It may feel satisfying in the short term, but in the long run, the results leave you in a negative state of emptiness in which you can end up creating more trouble than when you started.  Unfortunately, the attraction to short term benefits is capitalized upon in Western culture, which is one of the causes of the current economic crisis.

Fisherman at Night - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuWith some effort it can be just as easy - if not easier - to be attentive, to do things right the first time, to live within your means, and to save money.  These mindful practices usually produce long-lasting results, which means you feel good more often.  There is an old adage, "you can spend a day laughing or crying - either way, you still have to spend a day."

Mindfulness not only benefits your personal life, but it benefits the lives of others.  When a person needs help, it may seem that the most helpful thing to do is provide for them financially, however, money does not always solve a problem permanently.  Metaphorically speaking, rather than giving fish to the needy, it is often more mindful to teach them how to fish.

This is obviously easier said than done.  It is not always easy to change the sometimes destructive attitudes and perceptions that subconsciously control our actions.  However, without changing these internal perspectives, we become our own worst enemy and create obstacles of defeat for ourselves.  It is often the wrong perception that makes challenges seem like hardships rather than powerful life lessons. When you are mindful, you will find that everything is connected and nothing is impossible.

When you look mindfully meditate on an empowered artwork rather than cusually glance at it in passing, you will receive its message with clarity and the results will be much more satisfying. Meditating on something meaningful produces a different result.  It's like skimming a book versus reading it - the message is blurred instead of detailed. 

In this Chi Art, the successful fisherman in his boat is a symbol for the tools and strategy needed for reaching various goals in sales and marketing.  A variety of big fish, small fish, and other sea life represent many clients and an abundant harvest from sales.

Six mountain peaks on the sea horizon symbolize wealth, change, timing, knowledge, speech, and fame. The tunnels in the mountains are symbolic of positive breakthroughs and reaching goals.  Mindful meditation on this charm will make the marketing dreams of the salesman a reality.  May the positive messages of mindful planning contained within this Chi Art penetrate into your being and transform your life.