The starlight we see in the night sky is actually only the light of a star that may have already ceased to exist.  It is residual energy of what was once physically real and true.  These energies have traveled light years to reach us, appearing as amazing diamonds of light in the sky.  This is similar to the pearls of ancestral wisdom that exist within us as memories that were once physical truths.

I will share with you a message that has traveled from my great grandfather to my grandfather to my father, and finally to me.  In my father's words, it is one of the mysteries of life: "the human body is made of the same essence [five elements] and is governed by the same natural laws that govern our universe.  Fire energy forms the heart, earth energy forms the stomach, metal energy forms the lungs, wood energy forms the liver, and water energy forms the kidneys and reproduction system.”  This primal connection between human beings and nature forms a web through which everything mutually influences each other.

Just as a seed contains all of the codes and instructions for becoming a plant that can actively participate in changing its environment, you contain all of the memories, abilities, and intelligence necessary to heal, evolve, achieve goals, and impact your environment.  Your DNA carries the blueprint to build your body, as well as the memories and knowledge of your ancestors.  Your entire body is a message system encoded with the key for unlocking the secrets of the universe.

"Opening the Third Eye" - Chi Art Painting by Chi-Jen Liu

"Opening the Third Eye"

Looking back, your global ancestors did not possess modern medicines, tools, and technology, yet for thousands of years they healed themselves, built mega structures, and created highly advanced cultures.  How is it that the last sixty years of modern science has overshadowed thousands of years of accumulated experience and wisdoms of the past?

Thankfully, science is finally developing the means to confirm what our ancestors have known.  Gregg Braden neatly phrases it in his famous book The Divine Matrix, "It's only now, nearly 5000 years after the first of those instructions [from our ancestors who tried to show us how to heal our bodies and breathe life into our deepest desires and dreams] was recorded, that the language of science has rediscovered the very same relationship between the world and us."  Braden further explains that humans have forgotten their innate power to change the universe. Today’s technology is an attempt to accomplish that which we can inherently do for ourselves with our minds and bodies.

In this vein, Chi Art is about reclaiming the archives of knowledge you have within you.  The ancient symbols and diagrams incorporated into the paintings are from your ancestors.  When you observe these messages - whether you intellectually understand them or not - they help you recall your true spirit, reminding you how to heal yourself and reach your goals.

The Chi Art presented in this article is "Opening the Third Eye". Two vertical posts with eyes at the top represent a gate, which once you enter, allows you to see into higher dimensions.  The gate rises from the water, which is associated to the brain.  Beyond the gate, four dolphins and a nine-tiered pagoda represent high intelligence and the harmonious workings of the universe.  A symbol of longevity, the wise turtle with a human face on its back illustrates that when the human mind is reflective of nature, it can sustain itself.

Trust yourself to look in the right places and be open to messages.  Once you quiet your mind and reconnect with yourself, the bigger picture comes into focus and you can release fear and manifest your life’s purpose.