The following is taken from Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu’s book, “Feng Shui Chi Art.”  The book is filled with insightful teachings about chi and full-color paintings with art statements and poetry.  This excerpt describes Grand Master Liu’s meditation experience as he creates his art.

Many symbols and charm diagrams have been discovered from prehistoric times in graveyards and pyramids of Asian emperors.  Some secret diagrams have been found in the desert and some in high mountain areas.  Charm diagrams have appeared in many different countries.  Diagrams as big as three to ten miles wide have been found in deserts, farms, and flatlands.

No one knows where the charm diagrams come from.  Who did it?  Some might be more than 100 million years old.  Many people ask me if they are a message from aliens and what are they used for?  What do they mean and how do you read them?  Are they related with the spirit dimension?

My answer is that it depends on the culture, the history, and the level of the master who created the charm.  In Taoism, there are a lot of charm diagrams related with Chinese calligraphy and native words.  Some charm diagrams are from different religions.  Some people see the charms as messages from spiritual intelligence, and some say they are secret codes from aliens and unknown sources.

Charms relate with universal messages, or they relate with human spirit activity and frequency phenomenon such as DNA patterns, planet patterns, and sound frequency.  Some diagrams relate with the ocean, wind, or volcano patterns, and some come from a certain spirit dimension or God!  Some look like ancient words, some look like the Spanish alphabet, some like tai chi spiral curve, and some look like the statistic curve, thunder and lightning, or symbols of the sun and moon. 

Pine Tree Longevity - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuWhen I conceived this Chi Art, “Pine Tree Longevity,” I did a health mantra and mudra meditation. The image of the rising sun and a pine tree - a symbol of longevity - came to my third eye.  The starlight on the top of my head was moving from the third eye to the rear of my head.  Then it stayed on the top of my head and became white light.

While the star on the top of my head was moving, the color of my eyes turned red.  A star on the right side became white and silver.  A star on the left side became gold and green.  I also saw the white light on the top of my head become a sunray projecting to heaven for one minute, then the light moved to the rear of my head, down in a spiral, and into both lungs.  Both lights kept spiraling for one minute, then the golden light went to the upper arms and the silver light went to the lower arms.

The lights moved along the arms from the armpits to the palms, going along the acupuncture points and meridian path.  Then the light moved to the gall bladder and liver.  The left light turned green and the right light turned blue.  The light moved to the kidney and became black and silver and then to the genitals and became silver white light on the testes and pink on the penis.  Ten minutes later, the light became warm and yellow and moved upward to the stomach and into a spiral, then down to the small intestine and the large intestine and exited from the anus as black light. 

I heard a voice in my ear and my mind say to me “you tell the people to believe that the power of secret dimensions are existing, that we are high intelligent beings from unlimited dimensions.  We send this message to human beings on earth about keeping health and the way to longevity with charm diagrams and supreme knowledge.”

I spread this message by producing charm diagrams and painting Chi Art.