It is said that when enough people believe in something, it becomes true.  Knowledge and practice of the power of belief has existed for thousands of years in cultures all over the world.  However, with the many distractions and stresses of modern day life, this divine gift of the human mind and heart is often forgotten.

Miracles - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuAlbert Einstein, one of the world’s greatest minds, pointed out that "matter changes as you observe it."  Patt Lind-Kyle, author of Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain takes this concept one step further revealing that the way you observe or experience other people and the world around you changes your perceptions.  Furthermore, your perceptions and physical interactions change the structure of your brain, which controls your biological and emotional system.  Your attitude and how you choose to receive the world changes not only the world, but changes you as well on a physical level.  This is a powerful fact.

When you stop to think about it, you will discover that what you choose to believe dictates how you see and respond (physically and emotionally) to your world.  The movie, "Life is Beautiful" illustrates this message.  In short, the movie is about a Jewish family interned at a Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust.  As we know, many of the people in the concentration camp tragically became depressed, ill, and died or were executed.  In the movie, a father protects his son from being traumatized by the inhumane treatment and suffering in the camp by getting him to believe that he is playing a game that he must win.

The father’s commitment to “the game” manifested powerful positive self-belief in the boy.  The boy’s spirit remained strong, he endured the miserable conditions, he ultimately won “the game” by surviving the war, and he was able to appreciate the beauty in life.  Children - especially those who are untainted by society and personal baggage - have an extremely powerful self-belief system.  It is no wonder that they heal so much faster than adults.

When you believe in nothing, then nothing can help you.  When you choose to perceive the world solely with your five senses, your world will be limited to what those five senses perceive.  However, if you believe there is more to life, you open yourself up to infinite possibilities.  The results you experience reflect the level and nature of your power of belief.

The Chi Art “Miracles” helps you build up your power of belief.  At the top of the painting, the eye of heaven represents a divine power that connects with those who possess a special karmic bond, which is represented by the diagram of positive relationship beneath it.  Two groupings of six orbs - one on each side of the painting - represent two blessed guardian angels traveling in a boat made of lucky bamboo. Three dragon spirits come by clouds, bringing blessings of fortune, wealth, and positive relationships.

As you meditate, let your third eye become one with heaven's eye, and like the dragon spirits' antennae, tune into the energies of this image.  As you do so and your heart opens, the chi of Heaven and Earth will shift to create a miracle.  Just as the snake becomes a dragon, make a wish and believe that miracles come true.