Visual art, like music, is a universal language.  It crosses many barriers and touches us deeply, penetrating the levels of our conscious and subconscious minds and communicating with us on multiple dimensions.

Each on their own, visual art and music can be amazing, but when you experience visual art combined with music, the impact is powerful.  To fully understand how art and music enhance each other, imagine watching a movie without a soundtrack, listening to pop music without the video, or looking through a digital photo album without musical accompaniment.  When you add music to art, the combination becomes another medium of communication as the messages intertwine and become stronger.

"Nature's Eyes" - Chi Art Painting by Chi Jen Liu

"Nature's Eyes"

When you meditate you can create your own "spiritual music" by combining your mental vibrations with mantra chanting.  Meditating with your unique spiritual music in front of a Chi Art painting amplifies the frequencies of the art.  You will experience an immediate added impact and the bliss of utter fulfillment, creating an even higher frequency that energizes you and allows you to transcend to dimensions of higher intelligence.

In feng shui theory, dripstones are revered as good luck symbols because they are extensions of a mountain’s energy, making their way from the ceiling of a cavern toward the floor and reflecting heavenly wealth coming to earth.  The dripstones relate to the chuan gua, representing the power of prosperity from heaven.

For this meditation, stare into the Chi Art and visualize yourself in a lush cavern with dripstones like the cavern that is depicted in “Nature’s Eyes.” The dripstones are covered with colorful sparkling crystals.  Engage your other senses as you feel the coolness of the air and hear the echo of water dripping around you, blessing you.

Chant the suggested mantras and allow yourself to feel comfortable, letting your spirit's natural song emerge.  Form an "o" with your mouth and chant "om," the sound of high universal intelligence.  You should feel the "om" long and strong, vibrating through your ears.  Repeat this three times.  As you do so, make a wish for abundance and repeat the prosperity mantra, "om chan bara jaran jaran ye sa ha” emphasizing the "om."

As you gaze into “Nature’s Eyes,” notice the eight golden wealth charm diagrams that spiral around the dripstones.  Visualize that they drop gold coins around you.  Continue to chant "om chan bara jaran jaran ye sa ha," and as you look into the two eyes of the cavern, notice the rainbow which represents the alignment of your chakras and dreams coming true.