Path of Longevity - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuWalking in natural environments such as tree-covered mountains purifies and strengthens your body by absorbing clean oxygen, fresh scents, energy from trees and rocks, and the soothing music of streams and waterfalls. When you live with nature, you benefit from her abundant life force.

The energy and power of nature’s life force is emulated in this week’s Chi Art, “Path of Longevity.”  The combination pattern of one red pagoda, four red gate structures, and the longevity diagrams on the posts of the gates promotes the self-cultivator’s awareness of healthy ageless living and spiritual enlightenment.

Awareness begins with the symbol of the pagoda.  According to feng shui and I-Ching theory, green pagodas represent the power of intelligence and scholarship.  A red pagoda, such as the one featured in “Path of Longevity” represents the power of enlightenment and awareness of everlasting life, for red is symbolic of the sun and high places.

The red pagoda in the painting is nestled among rocks and trees on a steep mountainside and surrounded by four red structures called “heaven’s gates.”  The gates represent the four goals we must strive for to achieve health and longevity: exercise, mental and physical circulation, rest, and meditation - all which balance the mind and body.  On either side of the red pagoda, a patio-style house provides the mountain climber with a place to rest, much like an oasis, where the climber can rejuvenate the body and spirit and ensure a steady journey.

The energy emanating from this art originates from transcendental dimensions achieved in meditation.  Gazing upon “Paths of Longevity” is like taking in a breath of fresh air and is ultimately a guide for how elderly and health-conscious people can attain long, healthy lives.