"Turtle's Fantasy Fortune from Heaven" - Chi Art painting by Chi-Jen Liu

"Turtle's Fantasy of Fortune from Heaven"

For as long as my father, Chi-Jen Liu, can remember, everything around him - both physical and non-physical - spoke to him.  It is no wonder he followed his calling of becoming a feng shui master whose job it is to listen to everything in the environment, sharing what others cannot hear and interpreting what others cannot understand through empowered chi Art paintings.

"Turtle's Fantasy of Fortune from Heaven" is one of my favorite Chi Art paintings. It shows that underneath the translucent surface of our ocean, a world similar to our own world upon land exists.

The intuitive dolphin, steadfast turtle, and playful fish in the painting choreograph a fluid dance with lengths of seaweed, as if entertaining an audience. They wave kelp from their mouths like banners, communicating messages they wish to speak.  The fanciful diagram they create with the kelp is more than a random passing pattern – it is a message to humans asking them to have mercy on Mother Earth.  With the kelp, the sea life form the mantra charm diagrams of "wealth without disaster" to remind humans that protecting nature and its resources is the way to true wealth.

The destructive habits from the land above are making a great impact in the watery depths below.  The creatures that have inhabited this planet much longer than we have are sending us an urgent plea.  The dolphin - symbolic of harmony and intelligence - reminds us that although humans are known for their advancing technology, true intelligence works in harmony with nature.  The sea turtle represents longevity and the fish are the icons of abundance.  They come together to empower you to receive the blessings of health, sustainability, and prosperity without harm.

The message of “Turtle's Fantasy of Fortune from Heaven” is a reminder for us to find better ways of building wealth.  When you place this Chi Art in your home, you align yourself with the powers of our oceanic friends.  Please send them the positive energy of your love and appreciation, and join them in healing the beauty and majesty of our beloved oceans.