The phoenix is a mythical animal referenced in the writings and art of some of the oldest cultures that existed in Egypt, Arabia, Japan, China, Greece, and Persia.  This beautiful bird that appeared during times of prosperity and peace is described as having colorful plumage and a melodic singing ability.  The phoenix has a long life span of 500-1000 years, and only one exists at any given time.  When the phoenix finally dies, it is then reborn from its own ashes.

Because of its rebirth and rising from the ashes, the phoenix is also associated with the rising sun.  Thus, the phoenix has long been a symbol of renewal, unsurpassed beauty, eloquence, and excellence.  It was also used in ancient times as a sacred symbol of high morality.

Twin Phoenixes and the Golden Dragon - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuDuring this time of economic recovery, you will benefit by incorporating the meaning of the phoenix into your home and office environment.  Most of all, infuse the message of the phoenix into your heart and mind.  The phoenix reminds you that it is possible to experience prosperity and peace.  More importantly, the phoenix reveals the cyclical nature of energy and that life rises out of the ashes of death.  Even after the darkest of nights, the sun will appear again.

In this Chi Art, “Twin Phoenix and the Golden Dragon,” there is not one, but two phoenixes representing doubled power and reinforcement energies.  The twin phoenixes have colorful, vibrant tails that allow them to control their movement and maneuver with expedience.  They are swift and quick to achieve their goals.  They have also caught fish, representing wealth and abundance.

The golden dragon - an energy of divine blessings - appears in the heavens.  This yang energy complements the yin energy of the phoenix and represents a harmonious state of balance returning to heaven and earth.

The powerful energy of the double phoenix is a catalyst that brings luck and protection in 2012.  The bridge represents improved communication to overcome problems and achieve one's goals. The water and harbor represent the expansion of marketing and wealth.

Times may be tough now, and many of you may feel as if you are at a dead end, but understand that one cycle must end before another can start.  Meditate on this painting and visualize yourself as these powerful phoenixes.  Imagine yourself soaring through the sky, scouting and finding opportunities that bring prosperity and peace into your life.