A key factor for achieving success is your ability to get along with the people you work with.  If you are lucky, you will work with bosses, co-workers, and clients who are compatible and support you.  However, the consensus from my clients is that they do not get to choose who they work with.

"Balancing Social Relationships" - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen Liu

"Balancing Social Relationships"

More often than not, personality clashes, gossip, competition, or conflicts arise among co-workers.  Thus, your energy is spent dealing with troublesome colleagues, arguing with others, or troubleshooting, instead of putting your energy into being productive.  This creates stress, which becomes an obstacle to your success.  Many clients ask why they find themselves in this situation and want to know how they can overcome this issue.

Remember the law of attraction.  When you are stressed or simply in a pessimistic mind frame, you release a negative frequency that attracts people and circumstances with similar frequencies.  Depending on your situation, this can be a hard cycle to break.  Nonetheless, developing awareness about your situation and realizing that you can change it is the first step.  The second step is to change your perspective regarding how you relate with your co-workers.

The Chi Art, "Balancing Social Relationships," (pictured) helps you form new mental concepts that attract and create positive relationships and eloquence.  As you meditate on this Chi Art, bless yourself by breathing in the energies of the sun, moon, and planets, which are represented by the three red stars at the top of the painting.

Below the red stars, the constellations of five, four, and six stars represent effective communication between East and West, or opposite sides.  Visualize yourself boarding airplanes symbolic of travel and movement into better locations for meeting helpful people.  You become the happy person at the bottom of the painting wearing a crown of achievement.  Like the three balls in perfect balance, you are able to keep harmony in all of your relationships.