Two gears meshing togetherThe ability of a company's leaders to create a positive atmosphere that fosters the employees often determines the long-term success of the company, the loyalty of the staff, and the company’s ability to attract high quality people.  Creating a business environment based on balancing feng shui principles provides an atmosphere in which the employees can thrive.

Business feng shui is more than placing a money tree or water fountain in the company’s wealth corner.  It is designing an environment with colors, lighting, themes, furniture, and art that inspires employees to work productively and put forth their best effort.

Employees are the greatest assets of any company, so ensuring their happiness and health is crucial to a company’s success.  Convenient wellness spaces such as break rooms with access to fresh air, meditating lounges, or exercise rooms rejuvenate employees, which helps them feel valued and appreciated.

Cooperation and teamwork among employees is crucial to a company’s productivity.  However, I hear from clients that many businesses are plagued with internal self-defeating competition.  This is especially true in marketing and sales departments.

Company structures are often set up to promote competition with the thinking to stimulate business.  Consequently the employees become enemies, doing whatever it takes to compete for promotions and customers.  Office politics, short cuts, gossip, embezzling, or brownnosing become the norm, rather than cultivating good ideas and honing skills.  Even if a destructive behavior produces what looks like a successful result in the beginning, the internal structure might be crumbling and it is only a matter of time before the structure has internal problems or collapses.

Chi Art painting - Cooperation by Grand Master Chi Jen LiuThe Chi Art, "Cooperation" encourages friendly, constructive competition between you and your own past performance.  When you compete with yourself, others will support you.  When you compete with others, they will be against you.  This type of competition promotes mutual inspiration and support within the company and as a result, the company grows.

Place this Chi Art in the office where it is highly visible or where employees congregate, such as in the conference room, break room, or lobby.  The mantra charm in this Chi Art sends out the message that giving is the same as receiving.  On a subconscious level, it reminds people to collaborate because the resulting success belongs to everyone involved.

Hold this message - that giving is the same as receiving - in your mind, look into "Cooperation" and smile back at the three smiling mouths at the top of the painting.  These three smiles represent the energies of the boss, management, and staff.  Visualize that these earnest smiles of respect, understanding, and reliability are returned to you in the work place.

No matter what role you have, this Chi Art reminds you to pay attention, offer encouragement, and keep promises.  Laugh as you become one with the Chi Art’s happy face and realize that a sense of humor can solve more problems than being stern.  The triangle of intelligence and the pearl of harmony in the happy face's mouth give you the capacity to speak words of eloquence and consideration.  The single closed eye illustrates that forgiveness wins over the finicky.

When everyone works together, the business grows like the decorated tree in the center of “Cooperation” and every day feels like Christmas.  Beneath the tree are the gifts of cooperation.  A four-leafed flower represents scholarship, qualifications, and upgraded knowledge to staff.  Each of the four joyous mouths also holds a leaf signifying that everyone benefits from this.  Three golden coins at the bottom of the painting represent bonus wealth that is to be shared among staff, continuing the endless cycle of giving and receiving, and creating long-lasting business success.