Woman Inhaling Fresh Air Close to a LakeStudies in recent years show that we are our perceptions and what we perceive from our environment has a direct impact upon our capacities. This is the basis of feng shui. When you want to achieve specific goals, having feng shui that supports you is key to creating an environment that stimulates your perceptions in a positive way, fostering productivity, confidence, positive relationships, and prosperity.

In this millennium, feng shui teachings from thousands of years ago are now being fully embraced. As we shift toward global consciousness, there is a growing acceptance that everything is made of energy and interconnected. Furthermore, we now know that we can affect this matrix of interconnection with our personal energy. As more people attain this new awareness, it is like a breath of fresh air that awakens and propels mankind into profound evolution.

Your breath carries your personal life energy – your chi. You can go without food, and even without water for days, but you cannot go without your breath for more than a few minutes. Knowing how to control your breath and implementing feng shui that enhances what you "breathe in" or absorb from your surroundings is the key to transformation.

"Emperor's Achievement Award" - Chi Art Painting by Chi-Jen Liu

"Emperor's Achievement Award"

One of the easiest feng shui adjustments you can make is to place positive, empowered imagery in your environment for support. Gazing upon empowered imagery and intentionally taking in its messages affect your perception and thus alters your state to one of empowerment.

The Chi Art featured in this article, "Emperor's Achievement Award," was created by Grand Master Chi Jen Liu using a special technique called "breath brush." In deep meditation, Grand Master Liu harnesses a high level of spiritual energy into his being and then transfers this energy into a painting by blowing wet ink drops across the paper with his breath. In this way he transfers his powerful energies directly from mouth to paper.

The breath-blown ink creates mantra diagrams depicting “dreams come true” to welcome a promotion or miracle for those who place it in their home or office. Mudras (hand poses) that channel energies to enhance longevity, improve marketing, and invite respect are also featured in the painting.

The center of "Emperor's Achievement Award" features a legendary old man, Jian Tai Kong, who attained the great honor of being awarded the title of Prime Minister by the Emperor of China. As you gaze upon this Chi Art, visualize yourself as Jian Tai Kong proudly holding your life achievement award. Breathe deeply and feel the pride within your heart of reaching your goals. Execute the mudras to further channel the universal messages of fulfillment into your life

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