Boy Playing with DNA ModelFeng shui is about creating an environment that sends positive messages to your mind visually, spatially, and through interaction, allowing you to live with optimum health, happiness, and productivity.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., a cellular biologist and author of "The Biology of Belief," has conducted ground-breaking research indicating that humans are not victims of their genetic codes. In a nutshell, Lipton’s experiments prove that it is the environmental signals sent to your genes that determine how the gene behaves – not the gene itself.

"Home of Longevity" - Chi Art by Chi-Jen Liu

"Home of Longevity"

This new science is called epigenetics. Epigenetics is about how your environment affects you on a cellular level and literally shapes who you are. There is now scientific proof that you can adjust your environment to physically and emotionally transform yourself into what you want. Epigenetics is a new scientific term that describes what feng shui has always been about.

Lipton's key point is that your perceptions determine your biological and emotional response. This response is affected by your living environment, which includes the people around you. In other words, human cells are basically the same, it is the signals or instructions they receive that tell them what to become.

Lipton concludes that you are your mind, making it crucial to send messages or beliefs to your biology that ensure positive health and evolution, rather than wrong messages and beliefs that can poison you with disease or hinder your growth.

The Chi Art, "Home of Longevity" sends a powerful healing signal to your mind and cells. Asian saints used this fourth dimensional diagram to cultivate longevity. In deep meditation, the third eye beholds multi-dimensions and absorbs cosmic energy from the sun, moon, and planets.

The imagery of this Chi Art is of a meditating face. The closed, yet aware eyes are framed by long flowing eyebrows, indicative of vital energy from healthy kidneys. The small mouth is a reminder that overeating causes physical disease and talking too much causes karmic and social stress. Thus, the enlightened person eats and speaks at a minimum to conserve life force. The smiling mouth is also a universal expression of a balanced mind and good health. The red spiral symbolizes the smooth circulation of energy in the body’s organs and meridians.

Place "Home of Longevity" in your bedroom and enhance your frequency by practicing mantras and mudras. This Chi Art in combination with positive feng shui sends positive signals to your genes and cells, allowing your home to become a center of enlightenment and life-giving energy. Bolster your biology with a positive environment and create a healthy, fulfilling life.

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