Couple having a relaxed discussion.Love is a source of energy. There are many ways to express how much you care, and each one of us has our own language for love. Love can be expressed with encouraging words, physical affection, appreciation, material gifts, compromise, and of course, with attention and care.

Languages of love are established in your subconscious during childhood. Because people are raised to love in different ways, you and your partner may express love differently. If love is expressed by one, but not recognized as loving by the other, you end up with unfulfilled partners. This can develop into resentment and a prolonged sense of loneliness, which can make the partner who feels spurned vulnerable to an outside relationship with a third party who has a similar language of love.

Many couples do not realize that it is this difference in expressing love that creates a gap in their relationship. Instead, they assume they are just growing apart or do not love each other anymore. The consensus tell us that many people feel unloved, under-appreciated, lonely, misunderstood, unsupported, lost, or drained in their relationships. Before victimizing yourself as one of these, make an effort to understand your partner's language of love - especially if it differs from your own.

"Lover Phoenix Carries Lotus of Enlightenment" - Chi Art Painting by Chi-Jen Liu

"Lover Phoenix Carries Lotus of Enlightenment"

Communicate with your partner about how you were loved in your childhood and what loving someone means to you. For some, love is being open, honest, and direct, which sometimes means blunt, candid, and amplified expressions of levels of happiness or displeasure. For others, love is being obedient and letting your partner be in charge. And yet for others, love is to dote upon their partner with physical affection and gifts.

Once you understand each other's language of love, it requires self-cultivation and grace to know how to embrace a loving expression that is different from your own. When you can do this, you expand your capacity to love and be loved.

True Love

Chi Art, "Lover Phoenix Carries Lotus of Enlightenment" shows a pair of love birds that have merged and become one. In doing so, their united bodies are able to carry the lotus - the flower of enlightenment. When you really love someone, you and that person are no longer separate.  Their joy is your joy, the love they feel is the love you feel, and the love they receive is the love you receive.

Powerful elements to add to your bedroom feng shui are positive images that enhance your love bond. The Chi Art in this article promotes a deep bond between husband and wife. This visual meditation inspires you to imagine you and your spouse as one.

Like the abundant forest, stable mountains, and sailboats in the painting, your love will grow into a fortress of strength and you will enjoy smooth sailing. It is natural to become one as you sleep together and breathe each other's breath, realizing a merging of your minds, souls, and bodies, and experiencing the power of true, enlightened love.

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