Kids Wonderously Examining an Insect Caught in a JarWhen you take the time to be truly present and fully appreciate what you have, the simplest events can have a profound effect in your life. Everything around you, everything you do, every person you meet, has a message and is a teacher.

The best teachers see your potential and guide you to reach towards it. They inspire you to see more, to want more, and to be more. Potential teachers are surrounding you at every moment. As long as a student is seeking knowledge, teachers will appear.

I would like to share a story of how I found an unlikely teacher over the weekend. As a feng shui consultant, writer, wife, and mother of two, I am constantly on the go taking care of my clients and family. Lately, I have been feeling a bit disconnected and have been yearning for inspiration.

On Saturday morning, I was peeling some steamed beets. I marveled at how the deep red beet juice dyed my fingers pink. I couldn't resist taking a bite. Time seemed to slow down as the intensely sweet earthy sensation filled my mouth. In an instant, the beet's life flashed through my mind - its humble beginnings as a seed planted in the moist earth, its roots siphoning water, its leaves catching sunlight, and its body growing fat and sweet. In this millisecond of time, I received a spontaneous message from one of Mother Nature's miracles: to be inspired, you need to reconnect with nature.

"Blue Diamond" - Chi Art Painting by Chi-Jen Liu

"Blue Diamond"

Observe the teachers around you. This is exactly what we, as feng shui masters, do for you when we consult with you and your home. We listen to the teachers that are in your house, garden, and office, and the teachers in your habits, body, selected friends, and family. You may be surprised at how much you learn when you are present and pay attention. Selecting good teachers is crucial.

Chi Art is a celebration of the many teachers around us and the messages they impart. Incorporating the planets, Yi-Jing, elements of nature, and mantra diagrams, Chi Art  paintings are full of teachers that emerge to stimulate your mind and propel you towards achieving your potential and a higher awareness of life.

The Chi Art, "Blue Diamond," (pictured) is a wonderful teacher. Blue diamonds are one of the world's most rare and precious jewels. Mantra diagrams for passing exams and increasing trust are superimposed on the diamond in the painting. The noble stag (symbolic of career) drinking water reminds you to nourish your career. The flock of rising birds riding the wind teaches you to work with, and not against, nature's energies.

Repeated exposure to this message trains your mind to take action towards getting licensed and gaining trust, making you precious and valuable like a blue diamond.

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