Gong - Chi Art painting by Chi Jen LiuArt, in its many forms, is a powerful force. From childhood, my father, Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu, has had a special gift in art. His feng shui Chi Art is different from traditional art in function, technique, concept, pattern, and subject. It is created according to a unique combination and understanding of the natural laws and theories of the Yi-Jing, Yin Yang, Five Elements, feng shui, cosmic symbols and the Chinese language. The light, colors and shadows in his paintings are reflections from the visions in his meditation and dreams.  The purpose of his art is to balance the unbalanced energy of the individual, based on the nature of their astrology and the feng shui of their living environment. In this article, my father provides insight into his personal background, which informs his art.

I was born into this world with a subconscious message to help others by adjusting their chi or frequencies so that they can live happier, more balanced lives. My father recalled an incident before my birth, "When you were conceived, your mother had a dream of a monk surrounded by nine pink lotus flowers, high in the heavens." An oracle later confirmed that I was blessed by divine forces.

In my early childhood, I witnessed corruption and suffering on many levels. The wars in the 1940s between Japan and China, as well as France and Vietnam, left me with many haunting memories. I remember my parents helping my siblings and me to evacuate our home in China. We hid in bomb shelters and tunnels, listening to the thunder of explosives coming from unpredictable directions. I was surrounded by wounded, dying strangers. People were starving everywhere, including myself. During this time, I saw many spirits and ghosts and it was then that I realized that there was something beyond the material world. I also learned the basic skills of survival, like trapping small animals and catching fish with handmade hooks. We lived off leaves, grass, bamboo, herbs, and roots gathered from the mountains. I have never forgotten how hard life can be.

My family moved to North Vietnam when I was seven. I can still recall playing with bottle caps with some of my friends in our elementary school playground. At one point the sky was darkened by what we assumed was a cloud covering the sun. Later, I realized I had had my first paranormal experience of seeing a UFO in the sky. It came as fast as it went, disappearing in a white glow. Today, I believe that extraterrestrial beings are part of human ancestry. They guide us with their intelligence. From that day, my friends and I became fascinated by all mysterious things.

In my culture, spirits and ghosts are everywhere - they are a part of life. Curious by nature, children revel in the idea of seeing spirits or daring each other to contact them.  My early experiences made me a very fearless child. Thus, for fun, my friends and I would pretend to be mediums for spirits and ghosts. One of us would light a stick of incense, pretend to be possessed by a forgotten ghost and write fictitious messages with quick strokes of wispy smoke. Whatever held the element of spiritual dimensions and mysticism, held my attention.

In school, I spent a lot of time making cartoons and "films" by drawing on sheets of paper that were rolled onto sticks and scrolled by hand. As far as I can remember, it was natural for me to draw whatever came into my mind. As it turns out, this ability would play a large role later in my life.

At the temples, I often encountered monks and yogis. They were humans who transcended the physical world. They could get hit by vehicles without getting injured and could walk on hot coals without getting burned. From observing them, I discovered that we are able to control our bodies by controlling our minds. Playing at the temples became a rich learning experience.

Following my grandfather, father, master, and my own intuition, I eventually studied the Yi-Jing, astrology, feng shui, meditation, trance calligraphy, chi gong, kung fu, palm reading, mystic philosophies, psychic phenomena and mantras. As I became an adult, my calling to find a way to release humankind from suffering became stronger. My father was a businessman and my family traveled with him. Our travels throughout Asia confirmed my belief that the world was in a desperate state. Innocent children were exploited for labor and sex, housewives were abused, businessmen were money hungry, and gamblers became homeless. Each person I encountered came with a tragic history. I could not deny the message that heaven reminded me of every time I turned my head.

The world is full of intelligent and cultured humans, but there is still not enough awareness, too much censorship, and repression. If I can share this message of how we can be happy through cosmic union and be joined by a common concern for our planet, I believe there will be more harmony among all people.